Inside Chrishell Stause's Dating History

If you're anything like us, you were absolutely shocked when actor Justin Hartley announced his divorce from "Selling Sunset" star Chrishell Stause. And, if lockdown had you re-watching the iconic real estate show, you had to relive Stause's heartbreak as the cameras caught her reaction in real time. In her stint on the show (which is still ongoing as of publication), Stause beamed with happiness and pride pretty much every time she mentioned Hartley. While he didn't appear on the show, Hartley's influence and presence was certainly felt, mostly because Stause just seemed so in love. But, the couple's fall from grace shattered that illusion, and projected Stause into a devastating presence in the public eye.

As of the summer of 2021, Stause has been back in the headlines, as she has formed a romantic relationship with boss and "Selling Sunset" co-star, Jason Oppenheim, as reported by Cinemablend. We were definitely taken aback by the new union, but it got us thinking about what Stause's romantic life has been like as a whole. So sit back, turn on an episode of "Selling Sunset," watch Christine Quinn show up in a pair of sky-high heels, and read on, as we've detailed Chrishell Stause's dating history.

Chrishell Stause met Justin Hartley in 2013 and thought he was the one

Whenever Chrishell Stause mentioned her then-husband, Justin Hartley, on "Selling Sunset," you could feel the love radiating off of her. So, we went back and looked into how they met and when they started dating. Stause started her on-screen career as a member of the "Days of Our Lives" cast. Hartley was young in his acting career at the time, and a mutual friend ended up introducing them back in 2013. 

"We met up at a concert and talked all night," Hartley told People of the meeting and, from what we can tell, both Hartley and Stause thought they had found "the one." "The next day I texted my friend: 'I found him,'" Stause said of the initial meeting. Her sentiment was echoed by Hartley, who said, "I knew right away." In hindsight, the earnestness that both of them spoke about their initial meeting is sad but, nevertheless, we're going to twist the knife even more. Hartley shared with People that despite it sounding "cheesy," he couldn't wait to share his life with Stause. "Someday, we can talk about all the things we did together 30 years ago," he said.

The Selling Sunset star met Justin Hartley the same year his career skyrocketed

While both Chrishell Stause and Justin Hartley had been in the entertainment industry for some time, 2016 changed everything. Hartley was cast in the hit NBC drama "This Is Us" and it really seemed as though his star went through the roof over night. As noted by Glamour, Hartley reached "a new level of fame" due to the success and exposure that the show granted him and, with it, came a new sense of stardom and public persona. 

Hartley and Stause, naturally, started attending more and more red carpet events — they even went to the Emmys together — and, with his stardom came a new, heightened sense of publicity for Stause. In 2016, the two decided to tie the knot. While she wasn't too well known outside of the soap world, Stause had stardom all her own, and she took to social media on July 31, 2016, to share the news of her engagement to Hartley. "This Is Us" premiered on September 20, 2016, and we can't help but feel that the couple thought that everything was falling into place for them.

The Chrishell Stause and Justin Hartley got married in 2017, and it seemed like a fairytale

Chrishell Stause and Justin Hartley seemed like one of Hollywood's sweetest couples and, when the pair announced their engagement and impending wedding, it seemed as though they couldn't have been happier. "I'm excited to get down the aisle," Hartley told Entertainment Tonight. "Honestly, it was about timing and, after a while, it became like, 'Why am I planning this thing [when], like, every day is fun, so who cares, right?'" 

Well, the two didn't wait long, and they tied the knot while 75 of their friends and family looked on. The wedding was covered exclusively by People, and Stause absolutely gushed about the day. "The wedding exceeded anything I could have ever imagined," Stause said. "They don't make them any better than Justin, and I could not be more thrilled to officially be Mrs. Hartley!" She later went on to tell Entertainment Tonight that nothing had really changed between her and Hartley once they got married, because everything in their lives was already "so settled and amazing." "As far as when we go home, everything is the same," she said. Crazy how things can change so quickly.

In a truly shocking twist, Justin Hartley divorced Chrishell Stause

There are a couple of moments in celebrity romance history that stand out from the rest — Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez calling off their wedding, for example — and, honestly, Justin Hartley divorcing Chrishell Stause and announcing it less than an hour after he told her he was filing, is right up there on the list. It was truly such a shock when Hartley let the world know that he was done with his marriage and, from the looks of it, Stause found out pretty much alongside everyone else. 

As noted by Entertainment Tonight, Hartley cited irreconcilable differences on the official divorce paperwork — he said that he was not expecting any kind of spousal support, only that Stause cover legal fees. Of course, if you're a "Selling Sunset" fan, you know just how shocked and dismayed Stause was over the announcement, and she ended up taking time away from the real estate world to spend time with family in the aftermath. "People close to Justin and Chrishell are completely shocked by Justin filing for divorce," a source told Entertainment Tonight. "Friends are speculating this was an impulse on Justin's side ... and are hopeful the couple can work things out."  

What exactly went wrong between Chrishell Stause and her ex-husband?

Justin Hartley's announcement that he was divorcing Chrishell Stause was so shocking, and watching the "Selling Sunset" episodes back just goes to show how gobsmacked Stause was over the decision. So, what exactly went wrong between the couple that everyone said was "#goals?" As noted by Glamour, Stause revealed on-camera that she and Hartley had gotten into a fight while on the phone (on the day that he ended up filing), and she "never saw him since." 

"We didn't talk things through and, before we had a chance to figure anything out, he filed," Stause revealed, saying that Hartley texted her about the decision and then, 45 minutes later, everyone knew. "In a fight, like that's his go-to. Like, 'I'm out, I'm out.' I hate that kind of impulsive stuff, but I always just thought, you know, that's just an issue that we work through," Stause said while in tears. She went on to say that "all that money and fame" Hartley had experienced in the years since they got married shouldn't have changed their relationship, and that she would've done "anything for him" to make it work. Looks like fame and fortune got the better of the "This Is Us" star.

Chrishell Stause was back in the headlines when questions arose about her relationship with Gleb Savchenko

Chrishell Stause seemed to bounce back from her very public split with Justin Hartley. She found herself back in the office, back on "Selling Sunset" and, in a fun turn of events, landed a spot on "Dancing With The Stars." As noted by E! News, she was paired with the gorgeous professional dancer Gleb Savchenko, and their on-screen chemistry sparked rumors that something was going on between them. 

The rumors were seemingly supported when Savchenko and his wife, Elena Samodanova, announced their intentions to separate while the pro and Stause were still partnered up. Samodanova, who had been married to Savchenko for 14 years, even took to social media with a very ominous quote that read, "I don't hate you, I'm just disappointed you turned into everything you said you'd never be," as reported by People

Despite the rumors, the denials, and the divorce, Stause maintained that nothing romantic happened between her and the pro. "I feel like it really is annoying because it's one of those things where, you know, unfortunately, the timing of what he's going through personally, people want to make it into something it's not," Stause told E! News.

Chrishell Stause announced that she was dating pro dancer Keo Motsepe

While fans thought it was professional dancer Gleb Savchenko that Chrishell Stause was linked to, it turned out that she had eyes for "Dancing With The Stars" pro Keo Motsepe, and he reciprocated the feelings. A source told Entertainment Tonight that the two were "officially dating," which honestly came as a surprise to a number of people. "Keo and Gleb [Savchenko] are best friends ... Chrishell and Keo are both awesome and felt like, 'I'm single, you're single. Let's try this,'" the source shared. 

As it turns out, the two had been dating for a couple of weeks during the "Dancing With The Stars" stretch, and weren't "shy" about their affection for one another. And, it seemed as though those immediately around them were thrilled for the new couple, a source sharing, "Everyone has been so supportive of their relationship." The same source, however, did say at the time that the bond between Stause and Motsepe wasn't "super serious," but rather they were just "very into each other." The two clearly were ready to share their romance with the world, though, and took to social media to share their new union (the posts have subsequently been deleted). 

Chrishell Stause and Keo Motsepe moved quickly, and she even took him home for Christmas

Fans were surprised when Chrishell Stause and professional dancer Keo Motsepe started dating. While their initial attraction was described as more fun and less serious, things seemed to speed up fairly quickly for the couple. As reported by Entertainment Tonight, Stause and Motsepe's relationship started to heat up and get serious — so much so, that they spent Christmas with Stause's family. To top it off, he even wore matching Christmas-themed pajamas along with the family members. "Introduced @keo_motsepe to the fam. He fit right in," Stause wrote on social media alongside a photo. "Merry Christmas everyone from mine to yours!!! Sending you all so much love." 

Fans were quick to point out that Stause and Motsepe had spent Christmas with her family during the COVID-19 pandemic, when people were discouraged from seeing those outside of their immediate households, so Stause took to her social media comments to address the concerns. "This is my immediate family and we all are able to test before and after," she wrote of the decision to bring her family members together. "Keo brought such welcomed happiness and selfishly I posted in a very happy moment."

Some of Keo Motsepe's friends were a little wary about his relationship with Chrishell Stause

What started as a fun turned into a pretty serious relationship for Chrishell Stause and Keo Motsepe. What's more is that some of the couple's friends, including Gleb Savchenko, were all for it. As noted by Entertainment Tonight, Stause and Motsepe joined Savchenko and his girlfriend, Cassie Scerbo, on a vacation in Mexico; it was during that time that the new couple had "gotten very close." It was reported that Motsepe was in it — like in it, in it with Stause — and given that Stause had been badly mistreated by a man not too long beforehand (looking at you, Justin Hartley), it was great that she had found a guy so committed to seeing things through with her. 

But, perhaps things looked too good to be true, because the pair weren't receiving unanimous support from friends and there was some air of concern surrounding them. "Keo is in this for the long haul. He is head over heels in love with Chrishell," a source told Entertainment Tonight. But, the source dished that friends of Motsepe's "want[ed] him to pump the brakes a little," inferring that things were moving too quickly.

Chrishell Stause's romance with Keo Motsepe was, sadly, not built to last

Just a couple of months after making their relationship public, Chrishell Stause and Keo Motsepe called it quits. It seemed as though they'd just run their course. But, things got pretty messy which, in turn, caused Stause to break her silence. As noted by Entertainment Tonight, Stause claimed (via social media) that the break up started out "friendly and cordial" while referencing an article written about the split by E! News. Things quickly took a turn, however, when Stause addressed the claim that Motsepe was "heartbroken." 

A friend of the professional dancer said that, "He's had a tough time with his mom's passing, but he really wanted to make his relationship last." This seemed to be the final straw for Stause, because she said that, while she wanted to keep the break up "drama free," Motsepe's play of the "victim" card and bringing his mom's passing into the mix was "a step too far." 

"Taking the high road is overrated sometimes!!" she wrote. "I was also 100% in it as well, until revelations told to me recently have made me question if you could even order a coffee without the lying." Yikes.

Chrishell Stause revealed that she was dating Selling Sunset co-star Jason Oppenheim

Chrishell Stause's breakup from Keo Motsepe was far more dramatic than most people expected but, for a good chunk of time afterward, Stause kept any romantic connections she had behind closed doors. After some public breakups, it's not hard to understand why. But, here's where we cue another curveball, because it was announced via social media that Stause found love again with her boss and "Selling Sunset" co-star, Jason Oppenheim. Yes, one of the dynamic twins behind The Oppenheim Group swept Stause off her feet and, while vacationing together, the two confirmed their relationship. 

Oppenheim's representative confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that he was dating the former soap star, and Oppenheim himself commented on the new union. "Chrishell and I became close friends and it has developed into an amazing relationship," Oppenheim said. "I care about her deeply and we are very happy together." Of course, fans went crazy in the comment section of Stause's Instagram post in which she confirmed the relationship, with stars like Hannah Godwin and Shanola Hampton congratulating the pair. Oppenheim commented on the post with a simple red heart emoji.

This rumored flame of Chrishell Stause's spoke out about her relationship with Jason Oppenheim

A chorus of people commented on Chrishell Stause's post confirming her relationship with Jason Oppenheim, but one person went above and beyond congratulating the new couple — Stause's former dance partner, Gleb Savchenko. Not only did he leave a comment on the post that read, "The best love you both so much!!!" accompanied with red heart emojis, but he spoke about the budding romance between Stause and Oppenheim while video chatting with Entertainment Tonight. 

"I'm super happy for her and Jason. That's amazing!" Savchenko said, clearly happy about Stause's relationship with her new guy. "I texted them a couple days ago and I was like, 'You guys look so hot together.' They're such a power couple. I've known both of them [for a while]. We hang out and everything and I love Jason. He's such a good character." 

Savchenko went on to say that the new match makes total sense, as they have similar energies and a "vibe" that's positive. "I think it's, like, perfect. Perfect ... I'm super, super happy for them," he concluded. That's certainly the gushing of well wishes, if we've ever heard them.

Jason Oppenheim and Chrishell Stause have not been afraid to share their romance

The honeymoon period can look different for every couple, but it seems like Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim are not at all afraid to show their affection for one another. As noted by Entertainment Tonight, Stause and Oppenheim were spotted kissing while vacationing in Italy — think "The LIzzie McGuire Movie" with the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. These two were truly living their romantic Italy getaway dreams. Stause was specifically pictured sitting on Oppenheim's lap as they embraced, and the pics are certainly a far cry from their professional relationship in the office. 

In fact, Oppenheim once commented about office relationships, and told People that a relationship with a "Selling Sunset" co-star would be a "big bowl of mess that I don't need to get into." Looks like he threw his own rulebook out, because Oppenheim and Stause definitely work together and definitely are dating. "I'm definitely looking for someone that I'm friends with, and that I'm happy with, because I can have stress in my life from work," Oppenheim said. Looks like things have changed.

Chrishell Stause's and Jason Oppenheim's mutual friends are thrilled for their relationship

With Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim's new relationship, you may be thinking to yourself, "What do the other stars of 'Selling Sunset' think?" Playing favorites in the office was a point of contention between the real estate agents and, now that Jason and Stause are a thing, we can't help but feel that it'll impact the office environment. But, from the looks of it, it appears as though many of the couple's co-stars are thrilled for the new union. 

Jason's twin, Brett Oppenheim, commented on Stause's post and said, "Love you Chrishell. Thank you for making my brother happy." Fellow real estate agent (and Jason's ex-girlfriend) Mary Fitzgerald commented, "Nothing makes me more excited than to see two of my closest friends together and making each other so happy!" Her husband, the dishy Romain Bonnet, even wrote a little joke saying, "So happy for you guys! Finally people will stop with Jason and Mary hopefully." Fitzgerald even dished about the couple more to People, saying that she "couldn't be more excited" for them. "Now Romain and I have our closest friends as a couple to double date with! I'm elated," she said. Time will tell how the relationship will play out on "Selling Sunset."