How Knee High Boots Are Replacing The Ankle Bootie

There are several different ways to rock boots. From booties, to boots that fall right below the knee, to boots that go over the knee, there are different styles for different types outfits and looks. For a while, the ankle bootie was popular on the scene with its diversity. In the fall, ladies love to throw on an ankle bootie because it goes with just about everything (via Carrie Colbert). 

Going to rock a pair of jeans to dinner with the girls? A chic ankle bootie with a little heel is great. Or, if you're running to catch the train for work in a business casual dress, booties can totally bring that look from too casual to office chic. And, who can forget how adorable ankle booties look with knee-high socks and a shirt? Truly an iconic fashion moment. 

But, while we have so much love for the ankle bootie, there seems to be another look on the scene that is making waves. And, it's gained so much popularity that it seems to be replacing the ankle bootie entirely. 

Why knee high boots are so popular again

In the incoming fall and winter seasons, boots are making a comeback out of the back of our closets and into the forefront. As we say "see you later" to our sandals and wedges, we're looking for something to give us a little extra swag in the colder months. And, experts say that knee-high boots are coming back to make their mark. 

Footwear News reported that ankle booties are taking a backseat and knee high boots are going to be the hot ticket item for everyone. "The mid-calf and knee-high boot is going to be bigger than ever, with designers focusing on this height and less on the ankle boot. The key trend from this was the boots worn under midi skirts, especially in bright ways," claimed Mytheresa's Tiffany Hsu.

Knee high boots not only look amazing with skirts, but they can dress up a pair of leggings and even jeans. Not to mention, they keep your legs extra warm during those colder months and can help during those snowier days. 

Overall, we say — bring on the boots!