This Is How To Replicate Kacey Musgraves' Enviable Hair Style

Kacey Musgraves is best known for her dreamy beats and ethereal esthetic. But, her long dark locks have caught many people's attention as well. Before you purchase a wig, however, there are a few secrets that her stylist spilled when it comes to her hairstyle. The country star's voluminous black mane comes with a lot of styling of course, but it's nothing a little hairspray can't help with.

Musgraves' stylist, Giovanni Delgado revealed his secrets to Refinery29, noting that her retro vibe isn't always easy to curate. Replicating muses such as Dolly Parton and Priscilla Presley, the two try to emulate historic figures in country music while still keeping her look contemporary. "Making something costume-y can kill a look," Delgado notes. "We tip toe around it. We do hair that's big, but not so big that it's camp."

"She is her own creative director. She just knows her vision. She's always been that way," he added.

In the music video for "Rainbow", Delgado pulled out all the stops to replicate a saintly appearance. For the softer waves, he used a straightener to achieve the look rather than a curling iron, which can create more defined, tight curls. "I pulled paintings and images of the Virgin Mary for her look," he said. "You see in the different vignettes that she's like the voice of reason. I was channeling some of that energy with the hair. It's a religious wave."

Kacey Musgraves' hair routine is quite involved

The strong, healthy locks fans see on Instagram are real, but they require lots of maintenance. The day in the life of a country superstar involves lots of hair care. But, when asked what it takes to create her big-haired look, she told Cosmopolitan, "Well, it depends on if I'm in the mood to really go for it. And I don't ever wash my hair. You can tell everybody about that. This is probably day eight, right here."

"I just dry shampoo it up. I've gone, most recently, 12 days," she added.

However, Delgado insists that she uses some pretty high-end products, including Oribe's color-treated shampoo and conditioner, Refinery29 notes. "The conditioner is a bit heavier, but it really protects her hair," he adds.

Musgraves naturally has thick hair, so that helps, but applying a lot of heat protectant keeps her locks looking incredibly shiny and healthy. By starting with a simple blowout and hair oil, her stylist can quickly take her look to new heights. After a lot of teasing, he cements the look with Oribe's Superfine Strong Hair Spray.

With heavy-duty products and a long routine, you can have hair like Kacey Musgraves too — if you're willing to work for it.