Here's Why You Should Be Buying Pre-Owned Jewelry

When it comes to nostalgia, few worldly possessions strike sentimental value the way jewelry does. This is largely because jewelry can last generations. Jewels aren't easy to break, and accessory parts, like chains or clasps, can be replaced if they're broken. Jewelry is often passed down, and when it's not, it's often received by loved ones to commemorate special events such as weddings. All of these reasons, nonetheless the fact that jewelry has the power to make you feel incredibly special when you wear it, make it so valuable. 

"Sentimental jewelry has a power that is simply unexplainable. It provides comfort, inspiration, joy, and so much more to its owner," Love Beyond Fine Jewelry explains. "And sentimental jewelry gives us an opportunity to bond with others when asked the origin of the piece. Sharing stories and experiences with others brings us closer together."

The power of jewelry is wider than many of us even realize, but we may go about buying it the wrong way. Jewelry is often wildly expensive, but there may be better ways to scope it out than going to your local jewelry shop. Keep scrolling to learn why you should be buying pre-owned jewelry.

Buying pre-owned jewelry has multiple benefits

When purchasing jewelry, we might automatically think of high-end jewelry retailers, but there are cheaper ways to find your forever pieces. Whether you've got a round face, a diamond-shaped face, or an oval face, searching for pre-owned jewelry might be worth your time — and definitely worth your money.

Jewelry is a "billion-dollar industry with a very high mark-up," Real Simple explains, which is why finding pre-owned jewelry can save you so much money. Once a piece of jewelry is owned, its price drops drastically. But where can you find pre-owned pieces? Well, you can start by checking your local pawn shops and consignment stores. These shops often have jewelry for much lower costs than jewelry retailers, and they may even let you try them on before purchasing them. You can also move your search online. Websites such as eBay and other reputable second-hand retail sites sell jewelry, too.

When you buy pre-owned jewelry, you not only save yourself money, you act environmentally friendly. You can also develop your own personal style as you acquire more pieces, grasp a part of history as you now carry something forward, and create the chance to pass something unique down once you no longer wear it, per Long's Jewelers. Whether you're searching for a statement necklace or an elegant bracelet, you can certainly find one second hand.