If You're A Libra, Do This Workout Routine

If you were born between September 23 and October 22, you've got your sun sign in Libra. According to Cosmopolitan, you're a charming air sign who goes with the flow. One of the biggest stereotypes of Libras is that you find it difficult to make decisions. With the scales as your symbol, you never want to tip them in either direction, and you find that sometimes you're adjusting yourself to fit in with whomever you're around (via Co–Star). 

Knowing all of this can significantly help you in your day to day, whether that is working through different relationships or making decisions. However, did you know that you can also find a workout routine that works for you based on your zodiac sign? By fully understanding how you function as a Libra, you can start to understand what routines work best for you and you may even find a few exercises that allow you to embrace your Libra variability.

Working out with friends is perfect for a social butterfly like you

The charm that a Libra exudes and their shape-shifting abilities allow them to navigate any social situation easily, according to Allure. It's why you feel at your best when you're surrounded by friends. This is why a social butterfly like you should find group workouts that you and your entire crew can do together (via SunSigns.org). Something like a Zumba class, which was made for all levels, will be easy to convince all your friends to do together. It's also a fun way to pick up a few new dance moves. 

You could also sign up for a Pilates or yoga class, per Pinkvilla, because they're both soothing ways to really work out your entire body. You might even want to go with a super trendy yoga class, because also as a Libra, you enjoy the finer things in life and a good aesthetic: A trendy workout routine that you can document on Instagram is key. 

Don't forget to keep the scales in mind as well. You love to feel balanced, so make sure you're switching up your routine often to focus on all parts of your body (via ZodiacSigns-Horoscope.com). For instance, if you work out your arms one day, you'll want to schedule a leg day as well very soon. Also, since it may be hard for you to decide on just one routine, switching it up eliminates the need to make a decision at all.