What Christina Haack Looks Like Underneath All That Makeup

Christina Haack, née El Moussa/Anstead, is one of the most beloved stars in HGTV history. Originally finding fame opposite then-husband Tarek El Moussa on "Flip or Flop," Haack subsequently branched out to front her own popular show, "Christina on the Coast." Suffice to say, the California native is a major fan favorite, as evidenced by the 1.7 million, at the time of writing, followers hanging on her every word over on Instagram. Haack frequently shares insights into her family life, home improvement projects, and, of course, beauty tips. 

Although she's predominantly known as a home reno specialist, fans also flock to Haack for makeup and hair advice since she looks, you know, like that. The HGTV star glows from within thanks to a clean diet and dedicated exercise routine, which she shared in "The Wellness Remodel: A Guide to Rebooting How You Eat, Move, and Feel," a book Haack co-wrote with her nutritionist and friend Cara Clarke, as per Parade. She lives in jeans and t-shirts, but Haack can glam it up when required, too. Without makeup, meanwhile, she's a knockout. 

The HGTV star is a natural beauty

"Flip or Flop" breakout Christina Haack took to Instagram to share a stunning makeup-free selfie with fans. "Everything > Indifference," she captioned the shot, of which one fan gushed in the comments, "Girl ... natural is a great look on you," while another noted, "You look SO beautiful natural." A third acknowledged, "I've never seen you with no makeup and you are completely flawless." According to House Beautiful, the "Christina on the Coast" lead isn't much of a makeup person in general, with her makeup artist, Shannon Houston, revealing during an episode of "Unfiltered" that the busy working mother contacted her in a panic after her attempts at tackling her own glam were ridiculed. "All I would do is, like, stick on these lash extensions and not even put mascara on and put on a little powder," the HGTV star admitted, adding, "That was my go-to — it took about five minutes."

Luckily, Haack doesn't need a lot, or even any, makeup to look good. The television personality is hugely into skincare, however, which is obviously a key element of her super healthy routine. While chatting to Parade, the "Flip or Flop" star revealed she was inspired to take better care of herself after suffering eczema breakouts on her legs, admitting, "One of the biggest lessons I've learned through this journey has been to listen to my body." Haack's approach to wellness is constantly evolving, but it's always a priority.

Christina Haack keeps her signature makeup look simple

Although Christina Haack is a self-described beauty newbie, thanks to her BFF and personal stylist Shannon Houston, nobody can ever tell. In an interview with ET, the "Flip or Flop" star confirmed that Houston, founder of Pink Dust Cosmetics, is her one-person "glam squad." "She's taught me the tricks of the trade," Haack revealed. "Plus, I wouldn't do a shoot without her." 

The HGTV host has a handful of to-go beauty products in her arsenal, typically opting for a bronze smoky eye for her day-to-day look. 

Comprising simply of eyeliner, separate fake lashes, and a nude lip, followers of Haack's Instagram will immediately recognize this as her signature look. "I have hazel eyes, so I feel like a bronze smoky eye just really brings out the different colors. I just think it's really pretty." Haack explained. "For me, when I look at photos of myself, that's my favorite look." Naturally, the palette is ideal for TV too. 

The Christina on the Coast host never needed much product to shine

Luckily for Christina Haack, she doesn't need much makeup to look stunning. As Hello! reported in early 2021, the "Christina on the Coast" star shared a since-deleted throwback shot of her as a teenager going completely makeup-free, proving that she was always a stunner. The sweet photo shows the HGTV host lounging against a Volkswagen Beetle -– her first car, as Haack acknowledged in a caption about the "embarrassing" pic -– in a black strappy top, matching sandals, and white miniskirt with her hair in a loose ponytail.

Haack was just 16 years old at the time but she's hardly aged in the years since. If anything, the beloved TV star looks even better these days. Fans rushed to compare her to eldest daughter Taylor, noting the two "could be sisters." The California native looks the picture of sunny charm, something she's carried into her adult life and which makes Haack irresistible to HGTV viewers.