Cheaper Alternatives To West Elm

Launched in 2002 under the Williams-Sonoma brand, West Elm has asserted itself as one of the most popular and sought-after interior design and home furnishing brands available to consumers (via Fast Company). From the design to the quality and variety of styles, West Elm has become a staple for interior design lovers who want their spaces to be as high quality and beautiful as possible. 

But luxury brands often come with staggering price tags, which is certainly the case with West Elm. While treating yourself to a luxury, high-priced item every once in a while is a nice splurge, this isn't necessarily achievable for everyone. 

However, being responsible with your money doesn't have to mean compromising on your interior design vision. Here are some of the best, most affordable alternatives for those who are obsessed with the modern, mid-century vibes that have become synonymous with West Elm (via The Huffington Post).

World Market offers West Elm styles with lower price tags

Priding themselves on their artisan, bespoke pieces of handmade furniture and home goods, World Market makes you feel as though you've stepped into a luxurious international market. What's really special about World Market is that its taste is inspired by countries all over the world, which means that you might end up purchasing something that looks totally unlike anything you've seen before. 

World Market is more affordable than West Elm but offers loads of items that have the same style and high quality as West Elm furniture. And, similar to Bed Bath and Beyond, World Market loves offering their shoppers great coupon options as well as in-store discounts (via Plus, if you're feeling a bit peckish, you can check out their foods section, which sells popular foods, drinks, and spices from various different countries.

Check out World Market to find the perfect piece that reminds you of West Elm, or perhaps a piece that you weren't expecting to walk away with. Your guests will enter your home begging you to share where you shop.

Apt2b is another great alternative to West Elm

Apt2b co-Founders Alex Back and Mat Herman have the goal of making "furnishing shopping as easy as ordering a pizza" by way of making home decor and furniture that is both chic and affordable. 

Apt2b is a pretty unique company, as it was designed with apartments in mind — meaning it accommodates the prices and sizes that are often required to make apartment living work. It boasts modern, high-style furniture that is all made in LA and delivered with free shipping. The company has received accolades from the likes of HGTV, Forbes, USA Today, CNBC, and many more, all of whom have sung the praises of Apt2b's high-quality products and impressive customer service (via CNBC). 

From office and dining room furniture that gets the job done to couches and platform beds that are bespoke and uniquely styled, Apt2b has truly got it all. And, if you're new to interior design or need some help choosing what to buy, they offer a slew of helpful guides on their website, including "How to Find Your Perfect Sofa," "Ultimate Guide to Sectionals," "Coffee Table Size Guide," and many more.

According to Honest Brand Reviews, Apt2b offers a variety of prices based on your financial needs while simultaneously allowing buyers to totally customize anything they order. Based on their wide selection of pieces, some of them are nearly identical to West Elm's modern, mid-century aesthetic, such as the Aiken Dining Table or the Banner Low Media Stand.

For affordable and minimalist furniture, check out AllModern

You're probably familiar with Wayfair, the incredibly affordable and quick-delivering online furniture shop. But did you know that there's an entire Wayfair family with other companies? One of the most notable offshoot companies is AllModern, which says on its website, "all you really want is that bed you saw on Instagram. For way less. And delivered by Saturday. Is that too much to ask?" The company boasts a plethora of styles to choose from, low prices, high quality, and fast shipping. What more could you want?

What makes AllModern so great is that while it is a part of the Wayfair family — which has received accolades for its impressive customer service and low prices (via Business Insider)– it picks up where Wayfair tends to lack in the quality department. Indeed, Wayfair has begun to receive a reputation of being pretty low quality (via Den Garden).

AllModern appears to be somewhere in between Wayfair and West Elm, where the prices make the furniture very affordable but aren't so low that the overall quality is compromised. So if you're buzzing to buy a beautiful, minimalist piece that your friends could swear was from West Elm, you might want to give AllModern a shot.