What Chrissy Teigen Really Looks Like Underneath All That Makeup

No one would argue that Chrissy Teigen is one of the most beautiful women in the world. She was discovered while working at a surf shop in California at the age of 18, according to Vogue. From there, the model booked low-paying jobs like Miami Fashion Week, and then went on to appear in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition (via Marie Claire and CNBC).

The beginning of her career wasn't super-glamorous, with Teigen telling Vanity Fair in 2019, "I had no credit cards, I didn't have a bank account." Of course, the stunning celeb would go on to grace countless magazine covers, including Sports Illustrated, also appearing front and center for People's Most Beautiful Issue in 2021. According to Forbes, the cookbook author was one of the top-earning models in 2018 (via Marie Claire).

She's come a long way, and today, Teigen's makeup bag is filled with pricey cosmetics, from Giorgio Armani foundation, to Givenchy brow filler. Her preferred bronzer by Tom Ford costs a jaw-dropping $95 (via Byrdie). 

But underneath her makeup, Teigen is still a world-class beauty — and we have proof.

Chrissy Teigen is not afraid to go makeup free

Teigen is one star who definitely doesn't need a lot of makeup to look camera-ready. But the TV personality is also perfectly willing to showcase her completely bare face on Instagram (via Marie Claire). Given her tendency to keep it real, fans know without a doubt that Teigen does not need makeup to look amazing. That glowing skin! Those high cheekbones and full lips! Her genetic gifts seem completely unfair.

And yet, while there is no denying her model-worthiness, what we love most about Teigen is that she keeps it real about her relatable skin struggles. Yes, even she gets pimples and suffers from other real-life skin maladies (via The Things). We swear! 

Indeed, the mom of two is so honest about having breakouts, that she shares her anti-acne tips online from time to time (via Yahoo!). Her fav product for fending off pimples? Teigen has sworn that ZitSticka KILLA Kits work to keep breakouts at bay (via Cosmopolitan).

Chrissy Teigen is just like us — kind of

File this under things we appreciate about Chrissy Teigen: She has opened up about suffering from imperfect skin before a photo shoot (via Us Weekly). 

Taking to her Instagram Story in 2019, the star shared, "So I'm getting ready — about to go into hair and makeup because we're filming something awesome in Morocco, but what is this?" A photo showed a red mark near her eyebrow. "This guy has other plans," she noted, adding, "He says, 'Chrissy, I'm a piece of skin. I just wanted to leave your face.'"

The gorgeous star has also battled itchy red spots postpartum, and shared the condition on her social media (via Glamour). See? She is beyond lovely, but super real, too. Phew! 

Indeed, it seems even Chrissy deals with blemishes and red spots once in a while. But the truth is, Teigen mostly looks fresh and youthful without makeup. So what's her secret?

Chrissy Teigen's skincare routine will cost you

So, you want to look like Chrissy Teigen underneath all that makeup? As Prevention reports, the model mama's skincare tips are pretty simple, and include never going to bed with her makeup on, wearing sunscreen every day, and opting for exfoliation to keep her complexion radiant. Done!

But unfortunately, the cost of every single product Teigen uses to care for her enviable skin is a whopping $824, per Insider. The social media maven shared her exact beauty routine on her Instagram in 2020, and admitted about one of her must-haves, La Mer Skin Créme, which can run up to $350, "$$, I know I know but I gotta be honest." The good news? She also noted, "I kind of use whatever is closest."

So, even if you can't afford to purchase every product in her regimen, we can all remove our makeup pre-slumber, and slather on SPF in the morning to maybe, possibly look a little bit like this gorgeous star underneath all that makeup.

Meanwhile, Teigen seems to truly enjoy time away from the makeup artist chair, sharing in 2020 on social media that she "never wants to wear makeup again" (via Allure). While this didn't turn out to be true, she clearly supports the no-makeup movement, tweeting in 2018 about over-photoshopping online, "I don't know what real skin looks like anymore" and urging her followers, "you're beautiful, don't compare yourself to people ok "(via Glamour).