The Strange Phobia You Didn't Know Madonna Has

There's only one Madonna. The material girl has managed to remain not just relevant but iconic for so long most of us can't remember a time when she wasn't ubiquitous in pop culture. The pop star is supremely confident in her abilities, which makes sense considering how well-respected she is — and there's likely still more she wants to achieve in her career. As The Guardian notes, when pressed on what her ambitions were all the way back in 1984, a then-unknown Madge responded, "To rule the world." 

Looking back on her decades dominating the music industry, it's safe to say Madonna has certainly achieved that goal. However, the "Holiday" hit-maker explained in 2019, "I think I just meant I want to make a mark on the world, I want to be a somebody. Because I grew up feeling like a nobody, and I wanted to make a difference." It's tough imagining the world-conquering superstar feeling insecure about anything, but there's at least one very surprising thing that really scares her.

Madonna hides under the covers when it's stormy

Although she's survived decades in the music industry, reinventing herself more times than we can count, Madonna isn't totally fearless. E! News revealed she's got a pretty debilitating fear of thunder and lightning, otherwise known as brontophobia. According to a report by Irish site Her, ahead of an outdoor stadium show in Dublin, Madonna was frantically demanding regular weather reports, terrified that a recent rise in humidity might cause a storm during her concert. "Organizers have reassured Madonna that there is a good forecast for tomorrow night," a concert insider promised worried attendees, adding, "The humid weather in Ireland in recent days meant thunder is always a possibility, but she's good to go... as far as weather reports stand."

Aside from worrying about stormy weather, Madonna is concerned for her children, just like any other mom, particularly in light of the school shooting epidemic. "I send my children to school with the same fears every mother in the era has," she told People in 2019. "As a mother, you feel protective and responsible for all of the children in the world. It's really scary to me that the once-safe spaces where we gather, worship and learn are targets. Nobody's safe. So of course, as a mother, I acutely feel the worry." Per The Sun, the legendary pop star has six children, four of whom are adopted and come from Malawi, where the material girl has also focused her charitable endeavors.