If You're A Pisces, Ask These Questions On The First Date

Lo and behold, that first date is finally tonight: instead of stressing about whether to wear your gingham ruffle midi dress or sleek LBD, or whether that red lipstick might get all over your teeth, you have other doubts in mind. No matter if you met your date on the subway, at a bar, in a grocery store cereal aisle, or if you're being set up by friends, the main thing you're probably concerned about is the conversation. Sure, sparks might fly and the talking might flow as well as that "When Harry Met Sally" diner scene, but you could also end up with a "Titanic"-level glacier of silence. While we can only hope the date is as good as any rom-com meet-cute, there are always a few questions you should ask to make sure you're compatible. So why not base your questions off your zodiac sign?

Asking a potential love-of-your-life about their hobbies, work, and family are go-to's for a reason. Our lives revolve around those basic questions, but delving deeper can truly help you envision if a second date is in the cards or not. If you're a Pisces, otherwise known as "the most psychic, empathetic, and compassionate creatures of the astrological wheel" (Allure), your questions should help you figure out if your date is ready for 2 A.M. poetry writing ... and lots of emotions. Whether or not you end up quoting Emily Dickinson, here are the best questions a Pisces should ask on a first date.

Are they interested in getting creative with you?

Even if your date is going supremely well -– enjoying a bottle of merlot, laughing about childhood mishaps, sharing a bunch of appetizers, and hoping the restaurant never closes –- there are still a few questions a Pisces should always ask on the first date. Case in point? How willing your date is to go out on a limb and get creative with you.

As per Co-Star Astrology, Pisces are all about "dreaminess, emotionality, [and] imagination," giving new meaning to the flowy, profound permeability often seen in water signs. This sign is happiest when writing a full-blown novel about love and the cosmos, playing the guitar while singing a soothing ballad they penned themselves, or when watching a dramatic French film from the '60s.

Pisces are one of the most artistic zodiac signs, and are "ruled by Neptune, the celestial body that governs creativity and dreams" (via Allure). In fact, Pisces' ruling planet makes them deeply spiritual people, with a spine-chilling intuition and a kindhearted, sensitive nature (via Sun Signs). That's why it's crucial for a Pisces to ask their date how creative they would like to get with them: is your date willing to try a painting class? See an arthouse movie at an independent theater? Bake an intricate pie with you or dance in the rain? As per Allure, Pisces are "ethereal fish" that "adore exploring their boundless imaginations," so your date should be just as excited about artistic pursuits as you are.

If they can understand Pisces' intuitive streak

Pisces are celestial by nature, ever-ethereal no matter if they're trekking through a fairy-filled forest or just pacing their living room. And it's no wonder: as per Allure, Pisces is "the last constellation of the zodiac," meaning it has "absorbed every lesson" of the signs before it. That includes "the joys and the pains, the hopes and the fears," making this water sign the wisest, most intuitive of all. In essence, Pisces are the epitome of old souls, so this sign should always gauge how a possible partner responds to their mystical nature.

While you may not want to show your first date all your (tarot) cards at once, asking them a few leading questions can allow you to see how open they are to your "intuition," "sensitivity," and your ability to exist "just barely above" the physical realm (via Co-Star Astrology). Can they see gray areas of spirituality, or do they prefer stark, black-or-white narratives? Casually mentioning healing crystals, ouija board experiences, tarot cards, or even your favorite meditation practices might allow the conversation to flow to a Pisces-approved, Neptune-guided space, and will let you gauge how ready your date is for your otherworldly "illusion and escapism" (via Allure). You could be surprised -– as strait-laced as they seem, your date might be a regular sorcerer themselves. And, as described by Allure, "any relationship with mystical Pisces is guaranteed to involve deep spiritual exploration," so getting them on board (your spaceship, obviously) is key.

Are they non-confrontational like Pisces? Or just the opposite?

Even wise, sage Pisces have flaws, at least when it comes to arguments. Because of the fish sign's delicate nature, they have an "immense sensitivity" that means they are constantly "swallowed by emotions" (via Allure). Their tenderness makes them often retreat within themselves, meaning discussions are usually short-lived yet dramatic. Pisces find it difficult "to stay grounded in the material realm," and can put words in their partner's mouth or imagine conflicts where there are none. Still, as a rule, fish signs prefer to hide under the covers and stay quiet over actually addressing the problem, so figuring out your date's confrontation style is important.

While a first dinner-and-drinks meet-up is pretty early to bring on the real kickers, reading your date's vibe can tell you a lot about how argumentative they are. If your date seems like they're in a "constant division ... between fantasy and reality" like Pisces usually are, then a possible relationship will be spent avoiding the problems -– until they explode under pressure, of course. Conversely, if your date is more grounded and has fierce opinions from the get-go, they will probably want to face issues head-on. While nobody is perfect, Pisces are known to "prefer wearing rose-colored glasses to addressing problems," and get the urge to just "swim away" (via Allure). Since purposeful ignoring only makes issues worse, ask the right questions to make sure your eventual partner will push you to grow and learn from past mistakes.

Do they like concerts and museums as much as you?

Pisces are one of the most vibrant signs of the zodiac, and that starts with their love of the arts. This sign will jump at the chance to attend an outdoor reggae concert, a modern art exhibit at their local museum, or a jazz night at the corner bar. While fish signs aren't exactly adventurers (we'll leave that to adrenaline-loving Sagittarians), Pisces love creative pursuits enough to feed off of art events more than any other sign in the zodiac. Naturally, asking your date about their interests is paramount in figuring out if you'll be lying on a concert lawn picnic blanket soon –- or if you'll leave each other in the dust.

Ruled by profound Neptune, Pisces are "connected to art, music, and any sort of liberal expression," whether they consume art or make it themselves (via Astrology Zodiac Signs). On a mission "to feel creative and free" no matter their duties and responsibilities, people of this sign are attracted to the communal element found in concerts and exhibitions. Since they "have an intuitive understanding of the life cycle and form incredible emotional relationships with other humans," Pisces feel fulfilled while around other people enjoying art as much as they do.

With Allure describing fish signs as truly "invigorated by shared experiences of music and romance," it's clear Pisces need a great love, and great art, too. Ask your date about their favorite concert ever, and brace yourself for sparks.

If they're okay with quiet time (and some space)

And last, for Pisces, it's all about peace, quiet, and serenity. While other signs love constantly talking to other people, animals, and even walls (here's looking at you, Geminis), fish signs are perfectly okay with silence. As per Co-Star Astrology, Pisces are "primarily inward-facing" and "are difficult to observe from the outside" –- there's way too much going on inside their minds at once. "Absorbed in themselves" and their thoughts, they are constantly in between a dream universe and the real world, and can get lost in their own alone time. That's why a Pisces needs a partner who's just as comfortable with time apart, or who's okay with lots of quiet time just sitting next to each other.

As per Astrology Zodiac Signs, compassionate, gentle Pisces have a "desire to escape reality" and love "being alone" so that they can dive deep into all that thinking. With "incredible emotional capacity," Pisces thoughts are wide-ranging, only further sharpening their mystic intuition. With a "magical, mysterious" vibe everywhere they go, Pisces' quiet time resembles a fog that's "thick on the water," obstructing as far as the eye can see (via Allure). It is important for Pisces to gauge whether their date will understand their need for silence or, even better, love it as much as they do. Pisces gain "access to the collective unconscious" through their profound thought, and their near-supernatural powers make them one of the most unique signs in the entire zodiac.