How Garnier Is Committing To Greener Beauty

These days, a company's commitment to minimizing its carbon footprint and making environmentally friendly decisions is not only commended – it's expected. While at one point, a brand had to focus almost exclusively on the quality of their product, this is no longer enough. A company must not only create products that heed impressive results; they must also be dedicated to having a positive impact on the environment. That's why many companies these days are considered to be "green" or "clean" – but what does that actually mean?

According to the Environmental Management Assistance Program, a company that is deemed "green" is one that focuses on reducing its overall environmental impact. This can be achieved in a myriad of ways, including improving energy efficiency, reducing consumption, using sustainable materials, complying with environmental regulations, and much more.

In this day in age, if you're not on the train to sustainability, you're going to be left behind. And it would appear that beauty brand Garnier is looking to hop on board.

Here's why Garnier is dedicated to sustainability

Garnier is a French hair and skincare company that was founded all the way back in 1904 - and needless to say, it's changed quite a bit in that time! But perhaps one of their biggest, most significant changes is their decision to focus on green beauty more than ever before.

At the end of 2020, Garnier – which is owned by L'Oreal – conducted a survey that asked consumers what they wanted the company to focus on going into the new year, specifically focusing on attitudes towards sustainability. The survey found that an overwhelming majority – nearly 81% – wanted the company to prioritize making positive changes for the sake of the planet. The study also found that 44% of consumers believe that the COVID-19 pandemic helped shed light on the importance of global issues and climate change (via Cosmetics Designs Europe). 

Well, as it turns out, Garnier listened and agreed that a focus on the environment is more important now than ever before.

These are the ways in which Garnier will focus on becoming greener

Garnier is now making company-wide decisions to become more environmentally conscious, officially making it a goal to be committed to green beauty. According to the company, they have implemented several specific and focused plans that will help enable the company to become greener than ever before.

Starting off, they have facilitated the creation of 670 communities worldwide that will help with their ingredient sourcing program, and have a goal of increasing that number to 800 by 2025. They also hope that by 2025, 100% of their electricity and gas usage will be carbon neutral.

By 2030, the majority of their products will require less water usage and will continue to be up to 94% biodegradable. As for a shorter goal, Garnier asserts that by the end of 2021, all Fructis Shampoo and Conditioner bottles except for caps and pumps will be made with 100% recycled materials. And finally, they will continue their collaborations with Ocean Conservancy, of which they have been proud members since 2019, an organization that facilitates beach cleanups of plastic pollution.