How Christina Haack Is Responding To Criticism Over Her Son

Christina Haack is well used to living her life onscreen, thanks to hit HGTV show "Flip or Flop" and its spinoff, "Christina on the Coast." The busy working mother also has over a million Instagram followers hanging on her every word, and she's endured two divorces in the public eye, first from co-star Tarek El Moussa followed by fellow TV star Ant Anstead. 

Haack refuses to fake having a perfect life, sharing the realities of dealing with a newborn while juggling two other kids on Instagram with a post stating firmly, "Newborn life is hard. It's not all Instagram filters of perfection that people put out there. F that. That's so misleading for new moms." 

Haack also has her baby daddies to contend with, frequently finding herself at the mercy of critics who insist on pitting her against El Moussa and Anstead. As she explained to E! News, "Balancing is something that everyone struggles with." Haack added, "I just try to do the best I can. When I get off work, I don't have a nanny for Taylor and Brayden, so I just try to make sure that I'm there to pick them up and take them to sports and spend time with the three kids and put my phone down." 

Nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors, and, for everyone taking shots at the HGTV star for not doing enough, Haack has the perfect response. 

Christina Haack refuses to be shamed for her parenting skills

In August 2021, Christina Haack shared a sweet shot to Instagram of her enjoying a family dinner with two of her three children, alongside boyfriend Joshua Hall, during a vacation in Las Vegas. She captioned the shot, "24 hours in Las Vegas with the big kids — wave pool, aquarium, steak dinner repeat." 

However, although it seemed like a fairly innocuous posting, Haack was quickly inundated with criticism for not including her youngest child, Hudson, in the festivities, with certain people even suggesting he was somehow being intentionally left out. The HGTV host clapped back in a response to one particular commenter, writing, "Just because I don't post my every move of course [I am] shamed for it — we have 50/50 custody."

Haack was referencing the fact little Hudson was with his father, Ant Anstead, at the time. In fact, the proud father even shared some videos and photos of the two spending quality time together. She added, "Hudson is a busy boy and I like to stay off my phone mostly with the kids. This was a busy trip and a toddler couldn't have enjoyed it with naps etc. But thank you for your concern. He's happy and well taken care of." 

Haack later posted a lengthy quote clarifying that there's no competition between her exes over who's the best "Insta parent" and requesting that followers treat her with kindness.