The Under Eye Concealer That Florence Pugh's Makeup Artist Swears Is Her Holy Grail

Florence Pugh has risen gracefully to fame over the last few years. She first appeared in the film "Lady Macbeth" in 2016, a performance that drew acclaim from the Los Angeles Times and several other publications. Pugh was praised for her powerful acting skills, which is something that has become increasingly common for this talented star. She garnered additional acclaim for her portrayal of Dani in the mind-bending horror film "Midsommar" and earned herself an Oscar nomination for her role as Amy March in "Little Women," further cementing her success (via IMDb).

In addition to achieving widespread fame, Pugh has established a dedicated fan base who adoringly discuss her acting skills, relatable Instagram cooking videos, and her overall aesthetic (via InStyle). The English actress is one of those rare individuals who never makes a fashion misstep — her hair and makeup always look immaculate, and her ensembles perfectly represent her overall vibe.

Many people wonder how Pugh does it, and her makeup artist Naoko Scintu provided some helpful insight into which products she uses to achieve Pugh's glamorous appearance. Scintu swears by this particular under-eye concealer as her holy grail for perfecting any look, and you can nab this flawless product yourself from various retailers (via Refinery29).

Florence Pugh's makeup artist swears by this It Cosmetics concealer

Whether Florence Pugh is getting ready for the Academy Awards or the premiere of her film "Black Widow," her makeup artist, Naoko Scintu, uses a specific brand of concealer to brighten the actress' face and provide her with the right amount of coverage. Scintu swears by the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer, which is available in a variety of shades through retailers like Sephora and Ulta Beauty

This waterproof product has been dubbed Scintu's holy grail, and rightfully so. Speaking with Refinery29, the London-based makeup artist explained why she loves the It Cosmetics concealer so much. "I love this concealer, and I always use it on Florence — and pretty much all my clients — because it's full coverage but wears like bare skin," she told the publication. 

Since you can hardly tell that Pugh is wearing concealer when you see photos of her on the red carpet, we'd say the product works as well as Scintu says it does!