How Much Longer Will Whoopi Goldberg Remain On The View?

In June 2021, fan favorite host Whoopi Goldberg was absent from "The View" for a week, causing viewers to panic that she might have left the show for good. As USA Today reported at the time, the actress was dealing with sciatica, which is defined by the Mayo Clinic as a "pain that radiates along the path of the sciatic nerve," from the lower back through the hips and even down the legs, causing intense discomfort. Goldberg admitted she couldn't even move her leg as a result, describing the condition as "a bad boyfriend who came back to mess with me." The beloved star had been holed up in hospital while she recovered, with co-host Joy Behar acknowledging Goldberg looked "rested" as a result. 

Sciatica can be related to stress, as the actress shared, before complaining that, "I've turned into this little old Black lady." Goldberg has always been open about when her tenure on "The View" could end, if ever. She told Variety, "I'm there until I don't think I can do it anymore, but I'm not there yet." However, Goldberg also explained, "As long as they allow me to do both [acting and hosting], I can do it. The minute they say, 'No, you can't,' then I have to figure out what to do." The actress remains consistently booked and busy, but is she planning to say goodbye to the hit talk show sooner than expected?

Whoopi Goldberg's future at The View isn't in dispute

Thankfully, fans of "The View" have nothing to worry about. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that Whoopi Goldberg has signed a brand new, four-year deal to extend her tenure at the hit show. The financial particulars haven't been revealed, but Goldberg is expected to stay onboard through the bumper 25th season until at least the show's 28th season. The beloved actress is currently serving her 15th season with "The View." The panel also includes Joy Behar, Sara Haines, and Sunny Hostin. The search to find a replacement for Meghan McCain, who announced she was leaving the popular talk show in July 2021, continues with her mother, Cindy McCain, scheduled to be a guest host on the October 6, 2021 show. Elsewhere, former secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, will join the panel on October 20, 2021, followed by plenty more famous faces. 

Season 25 of "The View" kicked off September 7, 2021. When the show initially wrapped the previous month, it was the top-rated series among viewers of daytime network and syndicated talk shows and news programs. As Variety noted, Goldberg is one of the longest-running hosts in the history of the show, having joined its ranks in 2007. However, her acting career continues apace, with roles in the likes of "The Stand" and "Godfather of Harlem." Goldberg is rumored to be returning to "Star Trek" in spinoff "Picard" too, after Sir Patrick Stewart himself asked her to reprise the role of Guinan in an upcoming season.