Mercury Is Going Into Retrograde September 27: Here's What That Means If You're A Fire Sign

Mercury retrograde — you've probably heard of this and, if you are even remotely familiar with astrology, then you are probably groaning right now. The upcoming fall Mercury retrograde will start on September 27 and end October 18 (per Bustle). The good news is that this will be the last Mercury retrograde for the year. Mercury retrograde occurs when it looks like Mercury is moving backward from our perspective on Earth (via Michigan Daily). It's only an optical illusion, but astrologers believe it is a time when someone's individual personality traits can become a hindrance to progress. It's also a time that pushes us to confront long-ignored issues in our life through introspection and social awareness (via Michigan Daily and InStyle).

This upcoming Mercury retrograde is happening during Libra season, which means you can expect your strongest relationships to feel off-center and for plans with friends to fall through (via Bustle). To avoid conflicts during this tense time, take extra care when communicating with your friends, as well as to double-check plans and important dates. Since this time period is conducive to misunderstandings, it's also important to show extra grace toward your friends if they left your text on read or have to ditch plans to hang out at the last minute.

This retrograde will bring back exes

Fire signs are known for their fiery personality and natural charisma that draw people in like a moth-to-a-flame (per Michigan Daily). However, this Mercury retrograde will affect the innate command you have over people. For some, this will also bring back old friends and ex-lovers. While the usual advice is to stay away from exes, InStyle actually recommends communicating with your ex during this retrograde period if they do reach out. Doing so may help you reflect on your past and help you move forward with deeper insight.

Aries — this retrograde could have you reminiscing about your intellectual connection with your ex. If you miss the friendship that you had with your ex, it's fine to reach out and discuss platonic matters. If you're in a relationship, the retrograde will affect your connection (via Michigan Daily). You and your partner might not see eye-to-eye on future goals. Take this time to talk through the differences and understand their perspective, instead of taking on a "my way or the highway" tone.

For Sagittarians, the retrograde will have you thinking back to that ex who got away and all the nice things people had to say about them (via InStyle). While it can be a good idea to reach out to that person on friendly terms, you want to make sure to not come on too strong. Set clear boundaries and don't come off aggressive so that they don't think you have ulterior motives.

What it means for your personal life

According to Bustle, this time period will help Aries resolve unfinished business and gain closure from past conflicts. You will be able to focus on personal friendships and take this time to catch up with your best friends, as well as address any bitter feelings.

Leos can expect to be especially busy during this time, juggling work, friendships, and personal matters. Just remember to take time out for yourself so you don't end up forgetting commitments you've made or saying something you end up regretting out of stress. According to InStyle, Leos should back up vital data and save all receipts. Michigan Daily reports that Leos' friends may not find their jokes funny or understand all of their discussion points. While this can feel annoying, it's important to cool your feisty temperament and avoid blow-ups.

The retrograde will have Sagittarians revisit their goals. While you tend to bask in your free spirit, this is the time to reflect on what you want out of life and narrow your focus into a single direction. Sagittarians can also expect to reconnect with old pals and colleagues (per InStyle). While they may talk about new opportunities for you, it's best to avoid jumping into too many new things because the retrograde will make you feel foggy and chaotic. What might initially sound like a good idea may not be what it seems.