Why A Royal Author Is Calling Meghan Markle A Hypocrite

Meghan Markle has been the recipient of harsh criticism from the public for several years now, ever since her relationship with Prince Harry went public, and matters are only continuing to unravel. The actor-turned-royal was once discussed for lighthearted matters like her fashion, but since deciding to leave the royal family — and doing her infamous interview with Oprah Winfrey alongside her husband — Markle has been in hot water with fans and critics around the world. 

Naturally, since she left the royal family not long after marrying into it, Markle has been criticized by royal experts who will always remain loyal to the crown. Still, she's held her head high. The Duchess of Sussex has most recently been on a trip to New York City, where she and Harry spoke at Global Citizen Live. According to People, the ex-royals promoted vaccine equity for the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, wanting everyone to have equal access to safety.

This hasn't stopped royal experts from simultaneously penning criticism against her, though. This is why she's now being labeled a hypocrite.

Did Meghan Markle throw a fit over a tiara?

The most recent claims against Meghan Markle from a royal expert are that she's a hypocrite. According to The Daily Mail, royal author Andrew Morton believes the Duchess of Sussex is a hypocrite for how she handled her initiation into the royal family, especially during the lead up to her wedding to Prince Harry.

Markle often claimed that members of the royal family didn't readily accept her into the family and that certain members, such as Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth, were nice to her but didn't form any real, lasting relationships with her, per Morton. However, Morton thinks that Markle wasn't putting in the right effort either. Where Markle appeared to the world as a humanitarian soul who was endlessly compassionate, Morton sees her as someone who always wants to get her way.

Morton's Daily Mail story cites an incident in which Markle didn't receive the tiara she wanted for her wedding. "She gets what tiara she's given by me," the queen reportedly told Harry, who himself retorted, "What Meghan wants, Meghan gets." However, this only made Markle look worse to the public and to the royal family.

Did Meghan Markle make Kate Middleton cry?

In addition to allegedly coming off a different way behind closed doors than she does to the public, Andrew Morton wrote in his The Daily Mail think piece that Meghan Markle twisted stories in her favor. More specifically, she told a different version of a story from her final rehearsal dinner. According to Markle, Kate Middleton made her cry at her final rehearsal dinner by slandering the dresses she chose for her bridesmaids, but Middleton told a different version in which she was the one who cried at this dinner because of Markle (via Page Six). 

Morton also deems Markle's entrance into the royal family hypocritical for something that's actually out of her control. According to the royal author, Prince Andrew once dated a woman named Koo Stark who was inevitably blacklisted from the royal family because of work done early in her career that had been deemed raunchy. Markle, however, was embraced, according to Morton, despite also possessing in her acting career a bevy of sex scenes and other actions he deemed inappropriate.

Overall, Markle's acceptance into the royal family was never in her control and she can't be blamed for folks welcoming her in. What this royal author ultimately believes is that Markle didn't have as hard a time as she let on, but we on the outside can only take her at her word.