Why Meghan McCain's First TV Appearance Since Leaving The View Had Twitter Fuming

Meghan McCain recently appeared on an episode NBC's "Meet the Press," where she discussed President Joe Biden's domestic spending plan with a group of panelists, including Amy Walter, Leigh Ann Caldwell, and Eddie Galaude, Jr. (via Variety). McCain provided a conservative perspective on the panel for her first television appearance since exiting "The View" in August. While addressing Biden's Build Back Better agenda she said, " President Biden ran on being a moderate, as you said. He ran and won with the help of independent centrists, Trump-weary Republicans, and he is not governing as one." McCain expressed that she believes the plan is "the most progressive modern agenda of all time" and claimed that it isn't polling well.

Despite McCain's late father, Senator John McCain, holding the record for the most appearances on "Meet the Press," the Daily Mail columnist's comments and general appearance on the show sparked controversy on Twitter. Her claims even elicited a response from Washington Post opinion writer Jennifer Rubin.

Meghan McCain is spreading misinformation

After Meghan McCain insinuated that President Joe Biden's Build Back Better agenda is polling poorly on Sunday's episode of "Meet the Press," Jennifer Rubin took to Twitter to share some statistics. She wrote, "Tha[t] is false. It is polling well. Why let her come on to lie?" Many of the people in Rubin's comment section shared her sentiment. One of them wrote, "I didn't think MTP could get any worse but having Meghan McCain on with her opinion has hit a new low." 

While a poll conducted by Navigator Research reported that Biden's Build Back Better Plan is supported by 66% of Americans, McCain took to Twitter to push her original argument.

McCain replied to Rubin, "Joe Biden IS his agenda. A presidents polls mean something – that the American people aren't happy with how he's governing or his agenda." She continued, "Also if Dems plan is to buy off American voters they'd better come up with a solution to the inflation that is raising prices for everyone." However, many Twitter users took to her comment section to express their disagreement. One such critic tweeted, "Ahh, there's Meg stirring up hate again. It's just what America needs right now."