Who Is Daniel Craig's Daughter, Ella Loudon?

Although Daniel Craig plays one of the most iconic film characters of all time — James "007" Bond — he leads a relatively private life. That's why some might not realize he has an adult daughter making a name for herself as an actor. Craig shares daughter Ella Loudon with his first wife, Scottish actress Fiona Loudon. The couple split in 1994 after two years of marriage (via Daily Mail).

After her parents divorced, Loudon lived with her mom in London, and at the age of 11 got bit by the acting bug while appearing in a school production of "Bugsy Malone." She moved to the states to attend boarding school and went on to study acting at New York University. However, she dropped out when she started to experience depression. "You might have the most wonderful people around you and who love you dearly, but you're still blinded to that," Loudon told The Berkshire Eagle. "I was completely blinded to that. [I] felt so very alone and isolated myself, but my family noticed, and they took action for me in getting me help."

She also has been open about her struggles with dyslexia, which makes learning lines difficult. "There are some people who can just get it. It's not an excuse, but it's something I struggle with," Loudon explained. Still, she has managed to land roles in several theater productions with Shakespeare & Company, as well as short films including "Trauma is a Time Machine" and "Maneater."

Ella Loudon is forging her own path in the acting world

While Ella Loudon's father is actor Daniel Craig, she has been working hard to make her own way in the acting world. Loudon has been focused mainly on theater over the past few years, appearing in several Shakespeare & Company productions, including "Cymbeline" and "Macbeth" (via Daily Mail). She is also slated to appear in the short film "Short Term" in 2022, as well as "Can't Let It Go," which is in pre-production (via IMDb). Loudon now splits her time between New York and Los Angeles. And like her father, she is not interested in fame. "I really just want to be respected as a quality actress and do really good quality work," she told The Berkshire Eagle.

Loudon also plans to live a relatively simple life, which is good since her father has stated he doesn't plan on leaving his children — which includes his younger daughter with second wife Rachel Weisz — an inheritance. "My ultimate dream is kind of a cliché: I just want to own my own home, have chickens, have someone I love and then, at some point, have kids," Loudon said.