Meghan Trainor And Her Husband Share Their Unusual Bathroom Design And Habits

When you're making the transition from the first, fantasy stages of falling in love to maintaining a relationship in the real world, particularly one that involves a certain degree of cohabiting, there are some pretty big hurdles you have to overcome. If you can maintain that loving feeling once you actually witness your true love engaging in any of the numerous biological indignities that human organisms are prone to, congrats — you might just be able to make it for the long run!

How much deeper and truer, then, must be the love experienced by singer Meghan Trainor and her husband, former "Spy Kid" Daryl Sabara? While some of us are still running the water every time we're using the toilet so our significant other won't have to hear us, Page Six says these two lovebirds have been known to do their business in each other's presence. In fact, when they had their new house built, it incorporated an unusual design feature that would ensure neither spouse would ever have to pee alone again.

It's toilets for two at the Trainor/Sabara house

When Trainor was working with the contractor to come up with the plans for the new house that she and Sabara would be sharing with their baby, Riley (now 8 months old), she asked, "Can we please have two toilets next to each other?" Needless to say, the contractor was a bit taken aback. In fact, as Trainor admitted on the "Why Won't You Date Me?" podcast, he thought she was joking. Still, the customer is always right, so two toilets it was for the bathroom at Chez Trainor/Sabara.

So why two toilets, particularly when the couple could afford his and hers bathrooms instead? Trainor says she got the idea because with a new baby, both she and her hubby were up and down a lot at the same time throughout the night, and they both found themselves having to pee at the same time. So how have their lives changed with the new bathroom configuration? "We've only pooped together twice," Trainor admits, but shares (or overshares) that "We pee at the same time a lot." Here's hoping they add another bathroom by the time Riley's old enough to go on his own.