Is Hota Kotb About To Expand Her Family?

Over the years Hoda Kotb has been quite open with the public about her journey to motherhood. Following a battle with breast cancer, the journalist was unable to conceive. She told Southern Living, "One of the things in my life I've always wanted was to be a mom. Sometimes in your life, things just don't work out for whatever reason, so you say, 'Well, I wasn't meant to have that.' But it was really hard to come to terms with it." Though Kotb couldn't bear her own children, she knew that she was still destined to be a mom.

The 57-year-old and her partner, Joel Schiffman, adopted their first child, Haley Joy, in 2017. Kotb declared her daughter "the love of [her] life" and has since adopted a second child. In 2019, Kotb and Schiffman adopted Catherine and may be looking to add another child to the mix (via People).

Hoda Kotb is ready for another child

On September 27, "Today" co-host Hoda Kotb shared Instagram photos of her daughters Haley Joy and Catherine wearing matching "the big sister" shirts while enjoying a family outing at a farm. Upon spotting the girls' shirts, many of Kotb's fans flooded her comment section with congratulations. One Instagram user wrote, "HOW FUN & EXCITING!!! The girls are absolutely precious!! I'm setting my dvr to record The Today Show this morning,,,HOPEFULLY YOU WILL ANNOUNCE SOME VERY EXCITING NEWS!!" However, Kotb revealed to People that she's not currently expecting a third child.

When prompted about the shirts and the possibility of expanding her family, she replied, "Well, we are discussing that. We are discussing that, but the t-shirts were not a sign. You should see how I shop, okay — you'd be embarrassed. I buy everything on Amazon, I just hit 'get two,' so I got two. I was like, 'Oh, they both say big sister. Okay!'" While Kotb isn't currently in the process of adopting another child, it's clearly a possibility at some point in the future. She closed, "That's something that we hope. If it comes, it comes. So we just wait patiently."