The Truth About Jordan Brady, The Son Of The LuLaRoe Founders From The LuLaRich Documentary

"LuLaRich" is the shocking Amazon docuseries that takes apart, with scalpel-precision, the multilevel marketing scheme at the heart of fast fashion company, LuLaRoe. Gradually revealed to be a pyramid scheme, the company enrolled women — predominantly listless housewives and mothers — with the promise of good money and a family atmosphere. Instead, they were left with rooms filled with stock – much of which was wrecked – and mounting debts, while founders Mark and DeAnne Stidham lived it up. 


In fact, the LuLaRoe founders' decision to take part in the documentary is one of its most shocking elements. As Awards Daily noted, the many "interviews with the Stidhams are both chilling and captivating, especially when juxtaposed against footage of the deposition in the $4 million lawsuit slapped against them." Their entire family was intimately involved in the scheme, including son Jordan Brady, whose appearances in "LuLaRich" left jaws on the floor. But, what is the former marketing manager doing nowadays?

Jordan Brady held one of LuLaRoe's highest positions

DeAnne and Mark Stidham have 14 kids overall, seven of which came from her DeAnne's marriage to Kenneth Neff Brady. Jordan Brady is among them, as per The Washington Post. As TheCinemaholic noted, Jordan worked for LuLaRoe as the head of leadership and culture development, after graduating from Brigham Young University, with a Bachelor's degree in business management. "LuLaRich" also detailed how Jordan operated as the so-called "hype-man" at the company's infamous marketing events, which were engineered to keep current retailers on their side while also luring others to join.


Considering how intrinsic he was, it's unsurprising to learn Jordan was named in one of the many lawsuits filed against LuLaRoe, in particular one accusing the company of being a pyramid scheme. The lawsuit was settled for a whopping $4.75 million in February 2021. LuLaRoe didn't accept any wrongdoing, but they were prohibited from operating as a pyramid scheme going forward. Jordan, meanwhile, appears to still hold the same position in the company, judging by LinkedIn. He has no online presence otherwise, but is presumed to be living in Corona, California, from which LuLaRoe also operates.

Why did the Stidhams claim Jordan didn't work for them?

Former LuLaRoe retailer Roberta Blevins, who featured heavily in "LuLaRich," took to TikTok to contradict suggestions Jordan Brady never worked for the company. She pointed out that everybody who worked at LuLaRoe knew who he was. As Blevins explained, Jordan was in charge of training retailers on a regular basis. She even shared a screen-grab from an online training session featuring the man himself, in which Blevins also took part. The reason Mark and DeAnne Stidham began downplaying her son's involvement was because, during one such training webinar, Jordan made the mistake of referencing how LuLaRoe was trying to "get away from being a pyramid scheme." 


You don't need a law degree to know that's quite an incriminating comment to make, regardless of context. As a result, the Stidhams tried to pretend Jordan wasn't a real employee and was simply "helping out that day." Naturally, it didn't work, especially considering there were tons of photos of Jordan hanging out with LuLaRoe retailers and even leading conferences where everybody around him is clearly wearing the clothes too. Blevins has plenty of email correspondence to back her up, but even without all that, Jordan's LinkedIn page says it plain and clear: Head of Leadership and Culture Development at LuLaRoe.