Peloton's Cody Rigsby Reveals His Secret To Self-Care

It's safe to say that there is no Peloton instructor more iconic than Cody Rigsby. People like his workouts because they're effective, plus his personality and spunk are even bigger than his muscles. 

While Rigsby's day job might be working for Peloton, he has definitely made a name for himself outside of the workout room. Heck, most people that know of him don't even have a Peloton membership. The Peloton cycling director is often found on social media talking about everything from Disney princes and princesses to talking about Britney Spears and the (now successful) #FreeBritneyMovement.

It turns out that when he's not killing it with his bootcamp workouts or gushing over his favorite stars, Rigsby is taking some time for self-care. His advice on personal wellness is so spot on that it's clear this guy has his mind, body, and spirit all aligned. Rigsby has some incredible advice when it comes to self-care, and it doesn't include buying a Peloton subscription. 

Cody Rigsby's self-care is mental, emotional, and physical

There are tons of different tips out there about self-care, but, like many of the topics featured in his Peloton rides, Cody Rigsby put a whole lot of thought into his routine. According to Parade, Rigsby's self-care routine is all-encompassing.

"For me, self-care needs to be emotional, mental, and physical," Risgby told the publication in June. "Emotionally, meditation allows me to tap into my emotional strength by confronting my thoughts and feelings. Mentally, journaling helps me figure things out in my head by actually taking the time to write it down. Physically, I'm doing workouts that push my own boundaries, but also balancing that by taking time to recharge and fill my cup outside of my workouts," he explained. 

That is some quality advice right there. It's not just about buying different relaxation beauty items or hopping into a bathtub filled with bath bombs at the end of the night. Self-care is all about making sure your mind, body, and spirit are right, and Risgby's advice emcompasses the many facets of self-care.

Cody Rigsby's honesty makes him a great instructor

Rigsby is not afraid to give his advice when it comes to, well, pretty much any topic. That's what makes his fans love him so much. Heck, he even gets real about why he puts so much personality into his own workouts. "People hate working out. They want to be distracted. Let's be honest, I hate working out sometimes, too. So you want to be entertained. You want to forget that you're doing something that you don't like," he told The Washington Post in July.

Rigsby's honesty is what makes him such a great instructor. He's been dubbed the "Pandemic MVP" by The Washington Post and is one of the most-watched Peloton instructors on the platform. Add to that the fact that he's also on "Dancing With The Stars" Season 30, and you can see that this man really can do it all. What are you waiting for? Go get that emotional, mental, and physical self-care in!