Southern Charm New Orleans Season 3 - Details We Know So Far

There's nothing quite like a fresh season of your favorite Bravo show. New and improved cast members to learn about, storylines to obsess over, and drama to indulge in make every season more exciting than the last. Unfortunately, you're going to have to wait a while for Season 3 of "Southern Charm New Orleans." As of right now, there's no word from Bravo on when or if this show will come back, but don't lose hope just yet.


For those of you not familiar, "Southern Charm New Orleans" is a spin-off of Bravo's original show "Southern Charm." Instead of being filmed in Charleston, South Carolina, this one takes place in New Orleans (via IMDb). The cast is different and so is the setting, but the castmates still bring the drama, in true Bravo form.

The first two seasons of "Southern Charm New Orleans" were a hit with the fans, but it looks like it might not be back any time soon. Here's everything you need to know about the release date, cast, and possible storylines, so you can stay as up-to-date as possible.

Southern Charm New Orleans Season 3 is yet to be confirmed

Let's cut to the chase — there's been no word on whether Bravo is filming or is planning to film a new season of "Southern Charm New Orleans." Of course, with the pandemic throwing a wrench into many of the network's filming schedules, there's still a chance that the show may have a third season. It's truly tough to say though, as none of the cast members have given any hints on social media about filming.


Don't get too disappointed, though. Bravo is still posting updates about the cast on the series page, which means the network is either gauging how interested fans are or is fully committed to keeping the cast. According to the Southern Charm Instagram page, Season 3 is "pending," which is a very good sign. Additionally, Distractify notes that while Bravo hasn't released a statement about Season 3, the season is listed on IMDb. 

Considering the show has been off the air for three years now, I wouldn't give up on a third season just yet — but don't get too excited either.

The cast of Southern Charm New Orleans could expand

As far as the cast of "Southern Charm New Orleans" goes, anything is possible. The cast hasn't filmed together in close to three years now, so the cast and plot are completely up in the air. If social media is any indication, cast members Reagan Charleston, Tamica Lee, Jon Moody, Jeff Charleston, Justin Reese, Barry Smith, and Rachel McKenzie have all had their fair share of life changes (via IMDb). Heck, Reagan Charleston has remarried and had two kids in the time since the show has aired (via Instagram).


There's no telling who would decide to keep filming if Season 3 is picked up. It's possible that there could be new faces, like Reagan's husband. They could all decide that they like a life without filming as well, meaning that there could be an all-new cast. Here's the bottom line: There's no word on who could join the cast or how far back the storylines could go. This could be a great opportunity for a revamp, though.

New details about Season 3

At the time of publication, there's no groundbreaking info to report on Season 3 of "Southern Charm New Orleans." Unfortunately, it's all one big waiting game. Between the season pending and getting radio silence on Bravo's end, it's not looking great for Season 3. But fans can't be left hanging on that upsetting news.


Why hold onto hope at all? Well, because of social media, that's why. Members of the cast are still posting photos together on their respective pages, which means these people might still be involved in a joint project and have cameras following them around. According to Instagram, Reagan Charleston and Tamica Lee still hang out, as do Barry Smith and Justin Reese, who posted a photo together in June. That seems to be a good start to a reality show, or, at the very least, gives fans something to look forward to in the future. 

Don't lose hope now, Bravo fans!