The One Beauty Trick Selena Gomez Still Uses From Her Days On Disney Channel

Ever since she blessed our childhood screens in "Barney & Friends," and whizzed through "Wizards of Waverly Place," all the way to becoming the singer and beauty icon she is today — Selena Gomez is timeless (via IMDb). We've watched her grow and go through it all, from her breakup with Justin Bieber to her ongoing battle with the auto-immune disease Lupus (via Health). Gomez has waded her way through it all so gracefully, and effortlessly found her way into the public's hearts.

Throughout her career, Gomez has always experimented with makeup and given us some iconic looks, from her stunning green glossy lids to her killer cat eyes (via Bustle). So of course, everyone was thrilled to see her launch Rare Beauty and even more thrilled to see how successful it's been (via Seventeen). Her venture into the beauty world definitely came naturally to the singer. But as her brand continues to develop and branch out, Gomez has shared the one toiletry beauty hack that has stuck with her since she was on the Disney Channel. 

Selena Gomez continues to use toothpaste on her pimples

During her "Beauty Secrets" feature on Vogue's YouTube account, Selena Gomez took us through her go-to night out makeup routine. Gomez shared everything from lighting her candle to set the vibe to finishing off with a coat of gloss. One tip we didn't expect to get while watching her create her stunning pink look, using her Rare Beauty makeup line, was how she deals with breakouts.

While applying her concealer to some active breakouts, Gomez shared her go-to cure for pimples — toothpaste. We've all heard it before, and we've definitely all used it. Gomez sheepishly admitted that she hasn't been able to stop taking advantage of the hack since she was a teenager, as she put it, "It's just a trick that works." There's something heartwarming about picturing our beloved Alex Russo washing off her toothpaste-covered face before heading onto the set.