The Actual Lip Color Worn By The Women In Justin Bieber's Sorry Music Video

There's no one that knows how to nail a look quite like Justin Bieber. The man is stylish, to say the least. But in the "Sorry" music video, it was his backup dancers that were truly bringing the looks. Bieber's unconventional music video featured only backup dancers, but their stunning red lip was enough to make you forget that Beiber should've even been in the picture.

If you're wondering what red lipstick the dancers wore, you're in luck. Brittany Cale on TikTok found the exact lipstick that the girls wear in the music video, and let's just say you've probably heard of it before.

It might be too late now to say sorry, but it's not too late to grab this iconic lipstick shade. Heck, you might even already own it. Here's everything you need to know about the lip color, so you can nail your next dance-off. Or, you know, just perfect your pout on your next night out.

Justin Bieber's dancers wore MAC Cosmetic's Ruby Woo lipstick

While every dancer in the "Sorry" music video wore a different outfit, they all had one thing in common — red lips. It wasn't just any red lip though. According to Brittany Cale's TikTok, the "Sorry" dancers all wore MAC Cosmetic's Retro Matte Lipstick in the color Ruby Woo. The exact lipstick is a permanent product on the brand's website and is almost always in stock. You can snag it for yourself right now for just $19.

This lipstick is way more than just your typical red hue, though. It actually has a cult following, and, according to Good Housekeeping, looks "incredible on everyone." One look at the video and you can see that it's true. There are a variety of different skin tones represented in the video, and every single one of them looks incredible in the lipstick.

According to Fashionista, the secret is in the blue undertones of the product, which matches with all different undertones and even makes teeth look whiter. "It's what we call in the industry a clean red," Gregory Arlt, director of makeup artistry at MAC Cosmetics told Fashionista. "There are blue-reds, orange-reds, and brick-reds. There's no other color to influence the state of Ruby Woo. Like, if you're looking at a color wheel, the red — which is a primary color — is basically Ruby Woo."

In other words, this product is the little black dress of the beauty world.

Ruby Woo now comes in four finishes

Want even more Ruby Woo in your life? Well, you're in luck. According to Allure, MAC Cosmetics' Ruby Woo lipstick now comes in four different finishes. There's the classic Retro Matte Lipstick in Ruby Woo, the Retro Kiss Lipstick in Ruby New, the Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolour in Ruby Boo, and Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour in Ruby Phew.

The entire collection is meant to expand the iconic color range and give you the blue-based red shade in a variety of different finishes (via Instagram). Oh, and they're all permanent on the site as well, so you can shop the products whenever your little heart desires.

This lipstick launched in 1999 and has been an instant bestseller since it hit the market (per Allure). In the last 22 years, it's become a fan favorite and might even be more popular today, especially with all the new finishes coming out. Here's the bottom line: You can't go wrong with Ruby Woo if you're looking for a classic red lipstick.

Celebrities also love this lip color

Justin Bieber's backup dancers aren't the only ones who love MAC Cosmetics' Ruby Woo, either. According to Vogue, the shade is Taylor's Swift's go-to for a red lip. She even calls it "a staple," according to the publication, and Fashionista reports that she reaches for it before she goes on stage to perform. If it's good enough for T-Swift, it's good enough for the rest of us. Janet Jackson and Rita Ora are also big fans of the lip color, per Fashionista.

Honestly, you can't go wrong with this shade. Whether you're looking to nail an audition as a backup dancer, rock a red lip to a job interview, or just sing along to Bieber in your bedroom, this shade is guaranteed to be a winner for you. And if one formula isn't the one for you, there are always three more to choose from. Thank goodness for MAC Cosmetics!