The Halloween-Inspired Eyeliner Trick That Will Enhance Your Spooky Look

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Halloween time is a big season for beauty lovers. While unconventional looks deserve to be rocked year-round, this time of the year inspires everyone to go a little bit bolder with their makeup. If you're looking to switch up your traditional eyeliner for something a little more spooky season-appropriate, this TikTok user has the tutorial for you. Kelso on TikTok created a spider web eyeliner tutorial that's super easy to recreate. The season for spooks is here, my friends.

If you're looking for a Halloween look that's subtle but still a little spooky, this is the tutorial for you. Whether you're a novice at makeup or a seasoned vet, this makeup creation is totally manageable. Basically, if you can draw straight lines, you can nail the look. From far away, it looks like a traditional liner, but from close up, you can see the quirky spider web design.

The best part is that you probably already have everything you need in your makeup bag. Here's the step-by-step spider web eyeliner look, so you can rock all season long.

Spider web eyeliner is easy to recreate

Get your liquid liner ready, friends. This is one makeup tutorial that you're going to want to try. According to Kelso on TikTok, all you need is a black liquid liner, a white liquid liner, and a gray-brown eyeshadow. That's it. Heck, you don't even need to spend any time blending.

The first step is to do what Kelso calls "puppy dog," or downturned, eyeliner. This gives you a base to work the web off of. After that, it's as simple as drawing some lines. Kelso traces along the bottom wing of the black liner with the white liner. Then, she draws three lines, connects them, and adds some quick shading to the bottom of the web to make it pop.

That's the entire look. It's simple but just enough to get you in a spooky mood. You could totally add to the look to make it your own as well. This look could easily be paired with some orange shadow to really amp up the Halloween vibes. It would also look great with an extended web for an even more drastic makeup look. The possibilities are endless.

Bat eyeliner is great, too

If you thought that was great, just wait until you see TikTok star Kelso's bat eyeliner. When asked if she had any other wearable Halloween tutorials, Kelso replied on TikTok with another stunning look. While this video is not a tutorial, it still looks super easy to recreate.

This time, instead of sticking with just the liner, Kelso smudges some green eyeshadow under her bottom lash line to start. From there, she adds a bat shape to her traditional liquid liner look. It looks like she also added some white highlight underneath the wing and to the inside of her eye to really make the look pop. Fingers crossed that she keeps these makeup looks coming all spooky season — they're almost too good not to try. 

It looks like all that's needed to complete this look is black and white eyeliner and your eyeshadow shade of choice. Of course, you could easily do it without the eyeshadow as well.

The top rated liquid eyeliners

Now that you've seen just how easy these Halloween beauty looks are to recreate, it's time to stock up on your tools. The two main stars of these makeup looks are black and white liquid eyeliner. If you're looking for the best of the best, Byrdie recommends Stila's Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner. It was rated top pick by the beauty publication and comes in both white and black for $22 each, according to the brand's website. Plus there's brown, deep blue, and green, if you're looking to go bold.

If you're looking to stick to a lower price range, there are plenty of great picks as well. ColourPop offers an $8 white liquid liner that you can pick up from Ulta. There's also Nyx's Epic Wear Liquid Eyeliner in black and white for $9, and they're available at Target. Whether you're looking to stock up on high-end favorites for the spooky look or shop a little more affordably, you can't go wrong.

'Tis the season to experiment a little bit with your style, and there's no better way to do it than with some easy-to-accomplish liner looks.