Pet And Owner Costume Combos Perfect For Halloween

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When it comes to Halloween, no one wants to be left out of dressing up. Yes, even the pets. If you're looking to include your furry friend in your Halloween costume ideas this year, there are plenty to choose from. Pets enjoy spooky seasons too, you know. Just make sure you carry some extra biscuits for them to enjoy, so they don't miss out on the Halloween treats. 

Whether you're looking to go with a traditional pet and character combo or you're looking for an unconventional Halloween costume, there are tons of great ideas out there. The most effective way to dress up with your pet is to make it equal parts funny and recognizable. Nothing is worse than people constantly asking who you're supposed to be.

Iconic pet and owner Halloween costumes don't have to cost a lot of time and money, though. Here are five costumes that are guaranteed to get noticed and get plenty of laughs.

Elle and Bruiser Woods

If you're dog is small enough to be carried around, this is a no-brainer of a costume. This pair of Gemini vegetarians are both iconic and will bring a smile to anyone who sees you. Plus it's not all that hard to pull off. Grab a head-to-toe pink outfit for yourself, and dress your pooch in an over-the-top pink sweater. This furry one from Maxbone will do just fine. Or there's always the casual pink hoodie from Chewy if your dog is looking for comfort. Either way, you can't go wrong with this iconic dog mom outfit. 

Napoleon Dynamic and Tina the Llama

Sticking with the iconic duo theme, Napoleon Dynamite and Tina the Llama make a great pair. This one is a bit more unconventional, which will make for a good laugh. All you need is a "Vote For Pedro" shirt and a pair of jeans for yourself. As far as your furry friend, they just need is a llama costume. There are super affordable ones available on Amazon. There are no rules when it comes to Halloween costumes. You might want to speak a little more nicely to your pet than Napoleon does to Tina, though.

ET in a bike basket

If your pet can fit in a crate, it's time to nail this costume. Instantly turn your pet into ET by wrapping a white blanket around them and sticking them in a gray crate. This white velcro towel wrap from Amazon would be perfect for staying secure throughout the night. Throw on a red sweatshirt yourself, and you've got another iconic duo costume. Of course, you will need to carry your pet around for this one. That's great for the pet but an added workout for you, so plan accordingly. 

Cruelle De Vil and Dalmatians

Keep your dog totally recognizable by having them dress up as themselves. Cruella De Vil and her Dalmatians are a great way to look great and still nail the pet costume. Don't worry if you don't actually own a Dalmatian, though. You can snag this black and white polka-dotted outfit from Etsy, which is comfortable for your pet and totally nails the part. Bonus points are that you can really kill it with your fashion as Cruella, too.

The Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 & Thing 2

Got multiple pets that want to join in on the fun? No problem. Go as the Cat in the Hat yourself, and then dress your two pets up as Thing 1 and Thing 2. The pet shirts for the characters are available on Etsy. You could just as easily DIY this costume as well. Add a little blue clip into your dog's hair, and you have a cute and comfortable outfit for your pet. There's even an Etsy shop that has a Thing 3 costume included if you have more than two pets. The more, the merrier with this costume.

No matter what you decide to dress up as this year, including your pet is always a good choice.