The Real Reason JoJo Fletcher Couldn't Be On Dancing With The Stars

"Dancing with the Stars" is known for bringing all different sorts of celebrities to the main stage. From NFL stars to beloved actors to social media stars, the competition series selects competitions from all over the celebrity spectrum. In terms of the reality star sector, "DWTS" loves to give members of Bachelor Nation a shot at the Mirrorball Trophy. While ten Bachelor stars have competed so far, most of these contestants were men. Despite the immense popularity of many of "The Bachelorette" leads, these women are rarely part of "DWTS".

In 2017, Season 11 lead Kaitlyn Bristowe revealed to Entertainment Tonight that she was denied the opportunity to dance on the competition series. She said, "I believe men and women should be afforded the same opportunities. That has not been the case with the Bachelorettes and the Bachelors. I had an offer to do 'Dancing With the Stars' and was told by ['Bachelor' creator] Mike [Fleiss] I could not ... My hope in speaking out is that future Bachelorettes are given the same opportunity as Bachelors." Bristowe's revelation inspired another Bachelorette star to speak her truth (via Us Magazine).

The women of Bachelor Nation are ready to take the Dancing with the Stars main stage

Right before the start of Season 30 of "Dancing with the Stars" Jojo Fletcher fans began wondering if "The Bachelorette" star was going to compete this season (via Us Magazine). Unfortunately the 30-year-old quickly shut down these speculations on her Instagram account. After revealing she would not be part of this season of "DWTS" she shared, " I was supposed to do @DancingABC after my season of 'Bachelorette' but ended up not being able to bc of my contract. Womp womp. Not sure America could have handled my super sweet dance moves anyways."

While Fletcher was denied the opportunity to compete on "DWTS," she may still get her chance. After her fellow "Bachelorette" lead Kaitlyn Bristowe was kept out of the competition, she later competed in 2020 and went on to win the whole thing (via Vulture). In 2019, "Bachelorette" star Hannah Brown also competed for the Mirror Ball trophy and ended up taking it home (via Washington Post). Seeing as more Bachelor Nation women are taking to the main stage, there's still hope for Fletcher.