Meghan Markle's Brother Just Made This Startling Prediction About Harry's Future

Before Meghan Markle married Prince Harry and became the Duchess of Sussex, she was a working actress who starred in the TV series "Suits." She was also married to a Hollywood producer named Trevor Engelson, per Woman and Home. The couple first met back in 2006 and dated for six years before they announced their engagement in 2010. They eventually walked down the aisle on September 10, 2011. The wedding festivities were said to last for four days as they celebrated with their closest friends and family members, including Meghan's mother, Doria Ragland. Meghan reportedly wore a strapless white wedding gown that she styled with a silver jeweled belt.

Meghan's marriage to Engelson lasted for only two years. In 2013, the couple filed for divorce and cited "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for their split, according to Grazia. The divorce was made final in August 2013, just a few years before the actress met her future husband, Harry. Meghan and Harry began dating and were engaged by November 2017 and tied the knot in May 2018 during a lavish ceremony at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle. The ceremony was attended by Meghan's mother, but her father and siblings were famously not at the event.

Since that time, Meghan's father and siblings have been open in their criticism of the duchess. This week was no different as Meghan's brother Thomas Markle Jr. issued a warning about Harry and Meghan's marriage.

Thomas Markle thinks Meghan will dump Harry

Meghan Markle's older brother, Thomas Markle Jr., is currently competing on "Big Brother VIP." Thomas has been making headlines for the reality TV stint, and for all the comments he's been making about his famous sister while the cameras are rolling. This week, clips of Thomas issuing a warning to Meghan's husband, Prince Harry, had fans talking. As the cameras rolled, Thomas revealed that his sister was likely going to chew up and spit out Harry when she feels that she's done with the relationship (via Mirror).

"The guy she was married to the first time, she just walked all over him and dumped him," Thomas said of Meghan's first husband, Trevor Engleson. "Harry's on the chopping block next," he continued. Earlier this year, Thomas penned an open letter to Prince Harry and Meghan, and warned that his sister would "ruin" Harry's life. "I told Prince Harry, 'I think she's going to ruin your life' — she's very shallow," Thomas declared.

Meanwhile, royal expert Sarah Vine recently admitted that Thomas' comments are giving Meghan a "taste of her own medicine." While appearing on the "Palace Confidential" show, Vine weighed in. "I think she's about to find out what it feels like to have someone cash in on your family, which is what the Queen has been dealing with for the last 18 months," Vine stated, per Cheat Sheet.

Meghan and her brother may never reconcile, but it seems that Thomas won't keep his opinions on his sister to himself.

Thomas Markle isn't the only one who thinks that Harry and Meghan won't last

While Thomas Markle may be the only high-profile person to be making dire predictions about the Sussex's marriage while appearing as a contestant on an American reality show, his opinion is hardly unique. A few months ago, Lady Colin Campbell, a royal watcher who authored "Meghan and Harry: The Real Story," spoke with Page Six. As Campbell stated unequivocally about Meghan Markle, "She and Harry won't last. Once she became the royal Duchess of Sussex, it was off with everyone's head."

Campbell seems to feel that the current situation with Meghan and Harry living in California, far from Harry's friends and family, is something Meghan very deliberately set up in advance of the divorce she may be planning. As Campbell points out about the duchess, "She's picked America and a communal property state and has two children. She's got him. Difficult for him to get out. He's entrapped." She does seem to feel that while Harry would face some difficulties referring to Britain post-divorce, he would be given, if not a warm welcome, at least a polite one.

The Sussexes came into the marriage with several strikes against them

Even before Meghan Markle and Prince Harry tied the knot, Business Insider assessed their chances of marital success according to social science. For starters, the age of the couple at the time they married is a strike against them, statistically speaking. He was 33, she was 36, and the numbers say you should marry by age 32 for better odds of marital longevity. Every year above that age seems to increase the chance of divorce by 5%. Meghan's prior marriage also indicates that her second marriage might not work out, either, since by now she knows divorce is definitely doable if things aren't going her way.

Both Meghan and Harry are themselves children of divorce, and having a lot of conflict in the family can be a predictor of kids' tendency to divorce their spouses when they grow up. If both partners had been raised in loving, stable homes post-parental divorce, that would decrease their divorce odds, but Harry has made it very clear that growing up royal was hardly stress-free, while Meghan famously does not get along with many of her family members. One final indicator that the Meghan/Harry story won't have a happy ending, oddly enough, was their propensity for PDA back in the days when they were posing for the cameras on a regular basis. Studies show that the lovey-doviest couples may be more likely to split up when the initial thrill of the romance wears off.

Bookmakers are taking bets about when Meghan and Harry are likely to divorce

Do you, too, think the Sussexes are headed for Splitsville ? If so, what's your best guess as to the actual year they'll file for divorce? If you're confident enough to put some cash down to back up those opinions, the Daily Mail reports that there are bookmakers in the United Kingdom who are willing to take your bet. So what are the odds on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry? As a couple, not that great. As of a year ago, you could get 3:1 odds that they'd divorce by 2025 –- which, by the way, was double the odds given that Serena Williams would win Wimbledon that year. She was the favorite at 6:1, but no-one won that year since, as per ESPN. Wimbledon 2020 was canceled due to the pandemic.

Twitter, of course, weighed in about betting on the Sussex' marriage, with even this Harry/Meghan fan admitting, "I love Harry and Meghan. I also have no doubt they will divorce. I would bet millions of dollars on it." Another Twitter user suggested, "Las Vegas should be taking bets on how long this marriage will last. Sounds like Harry gives up everything and Meghan gets everything. That will be a doozie of a divorce. I think we see more and more everyday why her family doesn't like her." If Meghan's brother were to be asked, we've no doubt that Thomas Markle would endorse that message.