Why Meghan McCain Has Harsh Words For Katie Couric

Meghan McCain's name has been riddled with controversy as of late, and Arizona's Princess has some people she blames for this. McCain remained in headlines the last few years due to her tenure on ABC's "The View," but she announced in early July that she was leaving the popular talk show (via USA Today). Her opinions on the talk show were often controversial, leading to disputes between her and her co-hosts, such as Whoopi Goldberg. 

Some have wondered whether McCain misses working on "The View," but this isn't likely the case. She was critical of the show, and she's ever critical of the media. She made it clear in her first TV appearance since leaving "The View" that her opinions would never be silenced, and she's remained stern in this since. Naturally, we've been on the hunt to uncover everything we know about McCain's new job since her exit, too.

Now, McCain is making headlines once more, and this time, it's because of the harsh words she has for Katie Couric.

Does Meghan McCain think Katie Couric acts in a non-feminist way in the workplace?

Katie Couric is one of the most beloved and celebrated television journalists in the U.S., and Meghan McCain has some harsh words for her. McCain is a devout republican who believes in Donald Trump's notions of fake news and a biased press, yet has also defended Fox News amidst reveals of inaccuracies in their stories (via The Daily Beast). Despite defending Fox News, the former "The View" co-host is slamming Couric for her journalistic integrity.

In fact, McCain penned an op-ed for The Daily Mail in which she admits, "I don't like Katie Couric, I haven't liked Katie Couric since she interviewed Sarah Palin." In this article, McCain accuses Couric of allegedly editing her interviews to make Democrats look good while demonizing Republicans — and generally being a "mean girl." She further describes Couric as "the poster girl for America's hypocritical, biased mainstream media who will even censor a feminist icon like RBG if she dares question their liberal beliefs."

McCain's sole evidence hails from Couric's forthcoming memoir, "Going There," in which she reveals that she edited out of her interview with Ruth Bader Ginsburg a comment from the late Supreme Court Justice regarding her distaste for kneeling during the National Anthem (via The New York Post). Now, McCain is sure that Couric is a large part of the biased media problem she believes in, and she even considers, aloud in her op-ed, Couric to be hindering feminist movements within the workplace.