How To Fix Clumpy Drugstore Mascara

Makeup application is an art. There are so many different products and techniques to try that you're bound to mess up from time to time. Thankfully, there are tons of different ways to fix clumpy mascara. Whether your mascara is clumpy in the tube, on the wand, or after you apply it to your eye, there are ways to get that smooth application of your dreams.

The best thing about makeup is that it's temporary. You can try it on, experiment a little, and then wipe it right off. Unfortunately, it's a bit of a pain to be on the last step of your makeup, apply your mascara, and have it turn out clumpy. Instead of wiping off the entire look, you can save the look with just a few household items.

Here's how to save your clumpy drugstore mascara, no matter what step of the way you realize the product is not its freshest. Because life's too short to have clumpy mascara.

How to fix clumpy mascara in the tube

There are different types of clumps out there, and the first is clumps in the tube. According to Allure, you're safe to use the same mascara tube for six month. Unfortunately, mascara rarely stays good that long. After a while, the mascara begins to clump in the tube and dry out. Thankfully, there's a way to fix that so you can get the full six months out of your product.

According to Kym Yvonne on YouTube, you can revamp mascara that's clumped in the tube by running the wand under hot water. The beauty YouTuber suggests washing your hand and then running the mascara wand under hot water until the water runs clear. After that, the video says that you dip the wand into the tube and move the wand in circles instead of pumping. This will revive your old mascara and get rid of those clumps.

This is the perfect tip to revive your old mascara, as it doesn't cost any money. Heck, it actually saves you money because you won't have to buy another mascara. If only everything in life was this easy.

How to avoid clumps while applying

If you want to avoid clumps while applying your makeup, there's a tip for that too. It turns out that minimizing mascara clumps is as easy as nailing the application. According to Byrdie, the correct way to apply mascara is to run the wand in circles in the tube, instead of pumping it. The application tips allows the mascara to grab onto the wand rather than just sitting on top.

That's a tip from professional makeup artists, too. "Don't pump your mascara wand in and out of the tube; do twirl it before taking it out," Eddie Giron, Ardell educator and makeup artist, told Byrdie. Just twist the cap of the tube, pull up the wand about halfway, and move the applicator in circles before pulling up. 

Combine this tip with the mascara tube refreshing tip above, and you will have the most flawless finish possible. it'll be like you're applying mascara with a fresh tube every single time. 

How to fix clumpy lashes

Let's say that you've already applied your mascara and now it's a little clumpy. Don't worry, because there's a tip for that too. Actually, there are plenty of ways to fix your clumpy mascara. Some of them require fancy tools and others are all about using household products to fix the clump. If you're into beauty tools, then this is the fix for you. According to Byrdie, Urban Decay's Essential Eye Tool is perfect for getting clumps out of mascara. The tool has three different heads on it — a spoolie, an eyelash brush, and an eyelash comb.

Unfortunately, this exact brush recommended is not sold anymore. It Cosmetics' Airbrush lash/Brow Styler is a great dupe, and it's only $12 at Ulta. Simply comb through clumped lashes to remove the excess product. Or, if the product is sitting right on the lashes, you can use the brush side to carefully push clumps off. Of course, there are ways to remove the clump without spending any money as well. Good Housekeeping suggests using a toothbrush to get rid of clumps just as easily as a fancy tool.

It looks like there's just as many helpful mascara tips as there are products out there to try!