Sad News For Sara Gilbert And Linda Perry

Sara Gilbert seemed to have met her true match when she fell in love with musician Linda Perry. The pair met in 2011 and Perry proposed in 2013 in an elaborate fashion (via Hollywood Reporter). Not only did she plan a picnic in the park, but Perry also arranged for John Waite to serenade them. "She goes to her backpack and she pulls out these T-shirts and the first T-shirt says 'will' and then puts on another T-shirt and it says, 'you,' then 'marry,' 'me,'" Sara explained on an episode of "The Talk." "It was the most amazing proposal ever." 

Perry and Gilbert tied the knot in 2014 and Gilbert gave birth to their son, Rhodes, one year later. Gilbert already had two children, son Levi and daughter Sawyer, with former girlfriend Allison Adler. "I knew when we got married that Linda needed a baby. That even though we were a family — the four of us — she needed to follow a little soul from day one," Gilbert said (via Closer Weekly). 

After completing their family, the couple seemed stronger than ever, releasing a children's album, "Deer Sounds," together in 2015 (via Billboard). They also continued to have career successes on their own. Gilbert spearheaded the revival of "Roseanne," which eventually turned into "The Conners," while Perry has helped to write hit songs for Christina Aguilera, Pink, and Gwen Stefani (via Songhall). 

By 2019, however, People reported that Gilbert filed for a legal separation from Perry, citing irreconcilable differences.

Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry have finalized their divorce

After filing for a legal separation in 2019, Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry have finally come to an agreement on the details of their divorce. According to People, they will share joint custody of their son, Rhodes, with the court instructing them "to regularly confer and share information concerning Rhodes's care, wellbeing, physical and mental health, education and welfare." Neither of them will receive spousal support.

While the marriage is over, the split has been amicable, with sources telling Closer Weekly that Gilbert and Perry are "still on good terms," adding that "They don't hate each other and are still communicating." In fact, the two have been spotted in the park and out to lunch with Rhodes — per Opera News — and Perry confirmed that all is well between the former spouses. "You have to look at life as life, and things happen. I'm still on an incredible adventure with Sara. I love her. I adore her," Perry told Page Six in 2020. "We have a beautiful child together. So that journey's not ended, it's evolved into something else."

Sara Gilbert left her long-time girlfriend for Linda Perry

Before she married Linda Perry, Sara Gilbert was in a ten-year relationship with television producer Allison Adler. The couple share two children — Levi and Sawyer — and Adler was reportedly blindsided when Gilbert broke things off to be with Perry. 

"Allison and Sara had a family together. They had history. Things weren't moving in a downhill direction, so Allison was actually surprised when they broke up," a source told Radar. "It was really hurtful for Allison to basically lose Sara to Linda. To see them splashed all over the news holding hands and being romantic."

When Gilbert and Perry got engaged in 2013, it was "like the final dagger for Allison," with the source adding that "things might not have been roses and rainbows, but Allison would have liked to have worked on her relationship with Sara instead of just giving up." 

Luckily, Adler, who co-created "Supergirl" and "The New Normal," has since moved on (via IMDb). According to All-Star Bio, she's been dating film producer Sophie Watts since 2017.

Friends weren't surprised by the couple's divorce

While fans might've been shocked that Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry were parting ways, the couple's closest friends weren't. "Friends saw this coming," a source told Closer Weekly. "They've separated in the past, a couple of years ago, but it wasn't officially announced they got back together. Everyone who knows them knows that Sara is the easier one to get along with and Linda is the more difficult one. It seems like they just got into the daily grind of parenting and decided it was best to stay together."

However, the exes are still committed to doing what is best for their blended family. "They were married for five years and they share their son Rhodes," an insider revealed to Closer Weekly. "They don't hate each other and are still communicating. Sara's two other kids, Levi and Sawyer, are teenagers, but they like Linda and considered her their stepmom. All three kids get along and Sara and Linda are committed to making sure Rhodes, who's five, stays close to his older siblings."

The former flames are in good company with their co-parenting set-up, joining celebrities like Garth BrooksKelly Clarkson, and many others. If they can do it, so can Gilbert and Perry!