Mary Berry Reveals What She Really Thinks Of Kate Middleton's Cooking Skills

Mary Berry is a living legend, the Queen of Cakes as it were, who graced us with her regal presence on "The Great British Bake Off" for several seasons before sailing off to new projects. As RTE reports, Berry was actually set to become a Dame Commander, thanks to her remarkable, decades-spanning cooking career. An investiture ceremony was set to take place at Windsor Castle, with Prince Charles himself bestowing the honor upon the baker. Berry previously received a CBE back in 2012, but, clearly, the TV star was due for an upgrade.

The beloved chef trained at the legendary Cordon Bleu cooking school, subsequently becoming a recipe tester for a PR firm, which naturally led Berry to release her own cookbooks, starting with 1970's "The Hamlyn All Colour Cookbook." To date, she's published more than 80 titles. 

Berry's influence is so keenly felt that none other than Kate Middleton revealed that her son, Prince Louis, said "Mary" as one of his first words thanks to her cookbooks being all over the royal kitchen. But, what does Berry think of Middleton's cooking?

Mary Berry is impressed with the Kate Middleton's enthusiasm for cooking

While receiving her well-deserved damehood at Windsor Castle, legendary baker Mary Berry took a moment to praise the cooking skills of Kate Middleton. As Hello! reports, a bashful Dame Mary, who was accompanied by her husband, Paul Hunnings, was being honored for her extensive charity work, too. 

"We're going home for a sandwich and the children are coming tonight," she said about celebrating her lifetime achievement. Although Berry wished her parents were around to celebrate with her, she acknowledged, "my children are quite excited." The "Bake Off" alum expressed her desire to pass on her skillset on to others through her work. "You've got to feed yourself so why not learn to do it well and enjoy it," she quipped.

However, one person who might already have a knack for making magic in the kitchen is Middleton, whom the famous chef praised as a "remarkable" and "enthusiastic" cook who's willing to try anything. In particular, Berry appreciated Middleton's approach since she's focused on doing "things well," she said. 

The famous chef appeared alongside Middleton and Prince William in a 2019 BBC special "A Berry Royal Christmas," during which the Duchess opened up about her birthday rituals for the royal children. "I love making the cake," she said. "It's become a bit of a tradition that I stay up 'til midnight with ridiculous amounts of cake mix and icing and I make far too much. But I love it." 

We can only imagine that Berry would be proud.