Inside Christina Ricci's Dating History

Although Christina Ricci has a total of 86 acting credits to her name, many people still think of her as the young and sweet Wednesday Addams in the 1991 version of "The Addams Family" as well as its subsequent sequels — or perhaps as the leading lady in the 1995 cult classic "Casper" (via IMDb). Both of the roles — which she played at age 10 and 15, respectively — solidified the young actress as a bona fide teen icon and the queen of spooky season.

Only a couple of years later, Ricci earned herself a Golden Globe nomination for her role in "The Opposite of Sex," which marked a significant turn in her career. Although her roles remained thematically dark, she grew out of the cute and eccentric little girl trope and into the "brooding, hyper-sexualized teenager," per Celeb Answers. As the publication writes, "From 1997 on, Ricci delved into characters that dealt with material such as drugs, sex, and kidnapping. In the public eye, she was a beloved child star; however, as she matured, she wanted to set herself apart from her childish persona." But it wasn't just her fictional roles that grew up, as the actress herself was also coming into her own during this time.

Along with taking on more mature roles, Ricci also began trying her hand at producing and began getting involved in activism work. She also embarked on a series of relationships. Here's a look inside each one.

Christina Ricci's Casper co-star served as her first fling

According to Famous Fix, Christina Ricci has had at least 12 public relationships. The first one dates back to 1994 when she reportedly had a fling with her Canadian "Casper" co-star Devon Sawa.

To mark the film's 25th anniversary in 2020, Sawa thanked his once-crush. "Christina Ricci is a HUGE talent and played a big part in me getting the role and then went on to recommend me for Now And Then," Sawa tweeted. "I owe her the world. #casper." He also thanked Brad Silberling, the film's director, who replied with: "Let's be honest, my friend. It was the color in Christina's cheeks when I flew you down to meet us at lunch – THAT'S what sealed the deal. I just had to say yes after that" (via Twitter). Have you ever heard of a better meet-cute? 

Sawa tweeted back, "I tried to think of a witty response to this but I'm mush from reading it." Same here, Devon Sawa. Same here.

Ricci and Vincent Gallo had a love-hate relationship

In 1997, it was rumored that Christina Ricci dated the actor, director, model, painter, musician, and motoroycle racer Vincent Gallo, who was nearly 20 years her senior (via Famous Fix). Gallo wrote, directed, scored, and starred in the indie film "Buffalo '66," which also featured a teenaged Ricci.

Although rumors of a romance swirled at the time, especially as Gallo had made many comments about having a crush on Ricci prior to casting her, he later swallowed his words. Two years after the movie was released, he told a New York Post columnist that "She's an ungrateful c***," and "She's basically a puppet. I told her what to do, and she did it" (via ABC News). All we can say is: yikes. Major yikes.

In 2015, Ricci reflected on the entire experience to HuffPost. "That was very confusing because it was my first movie away from home, or without my mother," she said. " [Gallo] didn't want my mom to come. He wanted me to be up there by myself. I was 17 and I had never worked with anyone like this and I had never worked on a movie that was that low-budget before. I'd always worked on things where the more money, the more structure, the more protections in place, all this stuff. But I spent most of that movie trapped in a car with a raving lunatic." So it's safe to say the dislike is mutual.

She was also rumored to have dated Johnny Depp

According to Famous Fix, in 1999 there was a rumor making its way around Hollywood that Johnny Depp was cheating on his pregnant girlfriend Vanessa Paradis (who is the mother of Lily-Rose Depp) with Christina Ricci.

"While singer Vanessa Paradis was at home in France preparing for the birth of their child next month, Johnny Depp was publicly canoodling with Christina Ricci at London's trendy Met Bar," the publication wrote. "Revellers watched amazed as the Edward Scissorhands star, 35, openly snogged Addams Family star Christina who, at 18, is almost half his age." Apparently, an onlooker told the press that the pair were "all over each other like a rash" as they kissed for over an hour.

Shortly after the ordeal, Ricci began dating Matthew Frauman, an actor known for "American Pie 2," "Charlie's Angels," and "Big Fat Liar," per Famous Fix. A couple of years after they split, she entered a long-term relationship with fellow actor and producer Adam Goldberg. They went their separate ways in 2007, which is when Ricci started dating her most famous face to date: Chris Evans.

However, aside from some red carpet snaps of the gorgeous couple, not much is known about their relationship and how serious it actually was. The same goes for Ricci's successive boyfriend, Australian actor Christopher "Kick" Curry (via Famous Fix).

Ricci had both an engagement and a marriage that didn't work out

When Christina Ricci and Kick Curry called it quits, she continued to keep her dating game confined to Hollywood, as she began seeing actor Owen Benjamin. According to Famous Fix, they began dating in March of 2008 and got engaged in 2009. However, they broke off the relationship that same year.

Ricci got right back on the saddle and started dating photographer Curtis Buchanan in October of 2009. After they parted ways in May of 2011, Ricci met a dolly grip operator and cinematographer by the name of James Heerdegen on the set of her ABC show "Pan Am." According to Famous Fix, the pair got married in 2013 and welcomed their son Freddie the following summer.

In 2017, Ricci spoke to Net-A-Porter's The Edit about the ways in which marriage and motherhood changed her. "Marriage shows you your flaws in how you deal with things and having a child forces you to grow up at the speed of light," she said (per Us Weekly). "I'm a completely different person than I was before I had my child."

According to Radar, Ricci filed for divorce from Heerdegen in 2020, citing "irreconcilable differences" in the petition.

Christina Ricci married hairstylist Mark Hampton just in time for Halloween

After all the ups and downs of her former flings — including her difficult and highly publicized divorce — Christina Ricci is now settling down with a new man. On October 9, 2021, Ricci took to Instagram to share a loved-up snap of her and London-based hairstylist Mark Hampton. In it, the pair are the picture of contentedness as they smile at the camera in front of a gorgeous display of pink roses. And as it turned out, the pic was from their wedding day!

According to Hollywood Life, the wedding announcement came just two months after the actress announced that she was going to become a mom of two. "Life just keeps getting better," she had written next to sonogram image on Instagram, making sure to tag her soon-to-be hubby. Although not much is known about how the pair met, they appear to be very happy in their life together. 

It's as perfect as it can get: The queen of Halloween is married just in time to celebrate in the best way she knows how. We are beyond happy for her and her budding family!