TikTok Inspired Halloween Makeup Trends

Halloween is rapidly approaching, and everyone is readier than ever to escape the confines of their homes and have a blast in ornate costumes and beautiful makeup. Likewise, over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, TikTok exploded in popularity. Everyone turned to the short-form video platform for food inspiration, makeup hacks, dances, and more, and now people are using it to share their Halloween-inspired makeup.

This year, you'll need to know the top beauty products to create any Halloween look as well as the foolproof way to make your Halloween makeup last all night. Of course, this all comes after you've chosen the perfect costume. Then, you can dive into the overall aesthetic of your character and how you'll bring it to life. The internet has been abuzz with inspiration, including the circulation of a Halloween-inspired eyeliner trick that will enhance your spooky look whether you're going trick-or-treating, partying, or staying in with family and friends.

However, if you need some final inspiration as All Hallow's Eve draws near, look no further. The following are some of the best makeup trends TikTok has to offer for the special day.

How to look like a Y2K-era pop star in only a few steps

Makeup can be intimidating, especially if you're attempting a new style of makeup look for the first time on Halloween night. Have no fear, though. If you need something seamless, TikTok is obsessed with none other than the classic Y2K makeup style (via Byrdie). You know the one: The timeless look used on every budding star in the early 2000s, including Britney Spears.

This makeup look is cakey on the face but sparkly on the eyes, and it involves a simple, glassy lip. No tough techniques are employed for this look, so anyone can channel the divas of 2000 with it. You can also watch @hayleybiux walk you through it in her TikTok video.

This makeup makes you look like a clown in the best way

If you're dressing up as Pennywise from "It" this year, you're in luck. According to Good Morning America, TikTok users are loving Pennywise and have been flocking to the video platform to show their recreations. It's easy to see why, too. Pennywise's face is easier to recreate than many other makeup looks. His face is all white with red lines streaming upward from his mouth to above his eyebrows. You could go the extra mile and add contour, blush, or eyeshadow to make this look your own, but the basic tenets of this look as laid out on TikTok by @jk.kru are simple to recreate.

A TikTok makeup trend that's a little more magical

Pennywise is challenging in its own right, so you may desire something a little easier. In that case, one trendy makeup look is that of the Sanderson sisters from Disney's "Hocus Pocus" (via Good Morning America). TikToker @ciaciaxo walks viewers through her process of becoming the fourth Sanderson sister, and while she looks amazing in the end, the beauty of this makeup look is that it doesn't have to be perfect (via TikTok). The witches in "Hocus Pocus" were always a mess; it's part of their characters. Therefore, you can try your hand at this and you'll be on-brand no matter how it turns out!

This look is euphoric for those wearing it and everyone who sees them

Finally, if you want to be show stopping this Halloween, you should consider dabbling in makeup inspired by HBO's "Euphoria" (via Byrdie). This series' cinematography is ambient and colorful, moody and brave. The same can be said for the makeup looks inspired by the series. TikToker @letiibell1, for example, creates a glamorous base on her face, to which she adds blue eyeshadow in a swept wing and blue rhinestones (via TikTok). This look is elegant and fun — the best of both worlds.

So, which TikTok-inspired makeup trend do you want to try this Halloween?