The Top Halloween Beauty Products To Create Any Look

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It's that spooky time of the year again, which can only mean one thing: It's time for that all-too-familiar panic of realizing you left things too late (again) and have to figure out a last-minute Halloween look. As costume stores sell out and you can't really be bothered to pay that extra-expedited shipping cost, you might decide to take the DIY route. Although you can whip up an outfit from your wardrobe, one step that can completely elevate your look and make it seem like you tried a lot harder than you did is nailing your makeup.

By the end of October, you've surely gotten your fill of short videos of stunning and creative Halloween makeup looks all over social media. The beauty market and Halloween stores are flooded with spooky makeup products, but far too often do they end up a waste of money. Who hasn't experienced the dread of that "white" face makeup actually turning grey and melting off an hour into the night?

While not everyone can master a special effects zombie look, you can easily turn any simple idea into a memorable Halloween moment. That is, so long as you have these top Halloween beauty products in your arsenal.

NYX Cosmetics' SFX Face and Body Paint

No matter how elaborate or simple you plan to go, you're going to need a solid palette. NYX Cosmetics has been big on their Halloween game for years, and the brand's Jumbo Eye Pencil in White has been featured as a staple in almost every Halloween makeup tutorial. The brand also excels at creating highly pigmented and bold colors, and its SFX Face and Body Paint palette has everything you could need to perfect your Halloween look. 

The palette comes in three shade ranges; Brights, Metals, and Primary. For only $12, it can be mixed and used to create every color you could need, and the product packs an insane punch of pigment. According to Harper's Bazaar, the palette even comes in a bright version, if that's more your style. Moreover, the formula is made to be safe for your face and body and the creams are super blend-able and buildable. Once you have one of these palettes in your collection, you're guaranteed to feel inspired to go for it this Halloween.

Mehron Liquid Makeup

When the team at The Strategist sat down and consulted professional special effects makeup artists about must-have Halloween beauty products, they were met with a unanimous recommendation of Mehron's Liquid Makeup. Makeup artist Elly Supalo describes this product as "user-friendly," adding that it "performs very well" (via The Strategist).

Available on Amazon for $12, the bottles come in 15 shades, ranging from primary colors to a fun bright pink. The alcohol-free formula helps you avoid that crusty flaking of your Halloween makeup at the end of the night. According to Margon Wells, founder of Jane Doe Makeup, "With water-based makeup, once it's dry, it's set" (via The Strategist). The formula is buildable and easy to work with, and while it can be used as you would any other face and body paint, the Mehron Liquid Makeup in Red makes for a perfect blood look, both in texture and shade.

Bleach London's Semi-Permanent Hair Color Creams

If you're feeling a little bolder than usual and want to make more of a statement, then why not opt for a temporary hair switch-up? Bleach London offers such a wide range of fun and unique colors in their Semi-Permanent Hair Color Cream range that you can go full Smurf with a Blue or have a little "Beetlejuice" moment and go green! Georgia May Jagger even tried it out for Vogue to nail a Harley Quinn-inspired look, so you know it's celebrity-approved. 

These temporary hair dyes work best with lighter blonder hair types in order for the colors to really pop brightly. Playing with a fun hair color can really transform even the simplest of Halloween costumes, so why not switch things up? Once you apply it, the color will smoothly fade out in 10-50 washes, so keep that in mind if you have a big business meeting the next morning (via Bleach London).

MAC Cosmetics' Glitter Pigments

When all else fails, instead of popping on those trusty cat ears and drawing on some whiskers, why not go for something that's going to look extra magical under those party lights? 

Glitter can fix all of your Halloween woes. You won't even really need to try that hard with your costume — throw on any dress or shiny piece of clothing you have, slather MAC Cosmetics Glitter Pigment all over your face, and call it a day. You can even use the famous DIY hack of taking a piece of netting or even fishnet tights and shading over them onto your face to achieve a mermaid effect (via Allure). Alternatively, the brand's Youtube Channel has several Halloween tutorials that show you how to seamlessly use the product. 

If you're looking for something sparkly that makes more of a statement, Harper's Bazaar recommends Gem On Decorative Face & Body Jewels from BH Cosmetics. "Whether you're channeling an ice princess or going full 'Euphoria' Cool Teen, these stick-on face gems are a cool update to regular glitter," the publication writes.

With either option, you can create cool patterns on your face or line your hairline to look extra magical. You could be anything from a fairy to a disco ball — or you could even go for that dreamy Edward Cullen look!