The Best Halloween Inspired Make Up Palettes This Year

Spooky Season is in full swing, and makeup lovers have a lot to celebrate. As Halloween looms, brands are rushing to drop collections inspired by the holiday. For example, you can channel your inner superhero by picking up the Urban Decay Cosmetics x Marvel "Eternals" eyeshadow palette. The 15-pan release features a mix of mattes and shimmers. While it leans neutral, pops of emerald, lilac and navy inject a bit more color into the collection. What's more, the 3-dimensional packaging is a collector's item.

BH Cosmetics also got in on the fun. The brand launched the Poison Shock collection, which features six spooky, monochromatic 9-pan eyeshadow palettes in colors ranging from orange and red to blue, purple, and green. With a $15 price tag, it's easy to pick up a couple of the palettes to mix and match. Milani Cosmetics was feeling festive 9-pans this year, too. They dropped three limited edition palettes in a variety of color-schemes including the rainbow-bright "An Enchanted Escape."

That's just an introduction to Halloween-themed makeup palettes in 2021. The Hollywood Reporter noted that many of this year's releases are inspired by classic movies, TV shows, and cartoons. That's not always the case, as some appear to simply be inspired by fall's gorgeous colors. Check out the year's best and spookiest options below.

Let ColourPop Cosmetics and Disney make all your Halloween dreams come true

When it comes to makeup, Colourpop Cosmetics and Disney are the definition of a perfect pair. The brands have a rich history of collaborations over the years. That includes collections inspired by classic princesses and villains (via Bustle), "Lizzie McQuire," "Bambi," and even "Tinkerbell." The feisty fairy's "Sprinkle A Little Magic" eyeshadow palette is a green-lover's dream. Of course, these two have been brewing up some equally beguiling Halloween-themed releases in the lab.

Last year ColourPop landed a certified hit with a collection inspired by Disney's timeless "Hocus Pocus." The witchy collab sold out within minutes, according to PopSugar. Luckily, the brands doubled the magic this year by reviving the original collection and adding a second to the mix. This year's 12 pan "Witching Hour" palette features a blend of neutral mattes and eye-catching shimmers including a traditional pumpkin orange and a wicked purple. It's a must-have for fans of the Sanderson sisters.

As if that weren't enough, there's a second CPxDisney Halloween drop in the works. The brands joined forces again to create a collection inspired by what ColourPop called their "most requested collab of all time" (via Instagram): "The Nightmare Before Christmas." The crown jewel of the drop, which launches October 28, is another 12-pan palette. This one leans cooler on the mattes but spices it up with a neon orange and a magenta shimmer. We're going to need the whole collection.

Revolution Beauty teamed up with Corpse Bride, The Simpsons, and The Matrix for Halloween

Revolution Beauty is seriously feeling Halloween. The London-based brand has a variety of haunting drops available. One of the most celebrated is their collaboration with "The Simpsons" (via Pink News). The Revolution line launched a collection inspired by the cartoon's Treehouse Of Horror specials (must-see Halloween-themed cartoons, in case you were curious). Their 30-pan "Spooktacular" shadow palette centers the drop and features a rainbow of mattes and shimmers perfect to pair with any costume.

The Revolution line also has a launch inspired by Tim Burton's chilling "Corpse Bride" (via Refinery 29) featuring eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, and a brush set. While the 24-pan "Upstairs Downstairs" palette is sold out, buyers can pick up the smaller "Butterfly" palette. Cool toned pinks, icy lavenders, and shocking blue mattes and shimmers rule the palette. However, a pop of maroon and gold will warm up any eye look. As an added bonus, it's currently on sale for $16, which works out to paying a dollar for each pan.

As if that weren't enough, the brand's XX Revolution line landed a beauty collab with "The Matrix." The Hollywood Reporter highlighted the green-heavy "Trinity Luxx" shadow palette, which is arguably a grunge-lover's dream. However, we'd argue that the red pill x blue pill-inspired "Neo" palette offers an even more iconic reference to the film. The 44 pans offer an excellent array of warm and cool toned options perfect for any colorful makeup lover.

HipDot was inspired by a classic cartoon family and eerie sleepover game

The members of the Addams family have been called a lot of things. That includes creepy, kooky, mysterious, and spooky. In fact, they're labeled all of those within the first verse of the theme song for their TV show (via YouTube). In 2021, the matriarch Morticia also became a beauty guru. Beauty brand HipDot joined forces with the horrifying family to create a makeup collab in honor of "The Addams Family 2" (via The Hollywood Reporter). The center of the release is the 8-pan "Spells and Hexes" eyeshadow palette, which features a blend of mattes and metallics. Blacks and silver bring the drama, while mauves add a touch of romance. In the end, this is the ideal makeup release for anyone who identifies as "all together ooky."

While it's not necessarily a Halloween-specific drop, HipDot has a second spooky release that should be on your radar. The brand joined forces with Hasbro to create a collection inspired by nostalgia-inducing board games and, for some unknown reason, Play-Doh (via PopSugar). Obviously, that included a "Monopoly" palette, but they also created an "Ouija" palette. Commune with the ghosts of beauty gurus past by picking up this warm-toned 15-pan beauty that features an unexpected pop of royal blue. Just be careful not the make the spirits angry or you may find yourself in the middle of a real-life horror movie.

Manny MUA, Kylie Jenner, and Jeffree Star said Happy Halloween with these releases

Beauty influencers and celebrity brand owners planned elaborate roll-outs for Halloween. Guru Manny MUA — founder of Lunar Beauty — got in on the festivities. The brand knocked it out of the park with 2019's "Moon Spell" eyeshadow palette, which was inspired by witches like the Sanderson sisters and Marnie of "Halloweentown" (via Bustle). It's since been discontinued, but Manny upped the ante this year by introducing a new "baddest witch in town" — "Moon Spell Vol. 2" (via Instagram). The release features 5 more pans and a plum, burgundy, purple, and red color-story.

Speaking of red eyeshadow, Kylie Jenner — founder of Kylie Cosmetics — said "Happy Halloween" by launching a collection inspired by Wes Craven's "A Nightmare on Elm Street" (via WWD). Jenner drenched herself in blood for the accompanying photoshoot, and packaging for the signature palette is slashed and splattered with blood. The 12 shadows feature a mix of vibrant reds and neutrals, making it a perfect option for anyone looking to inject color into their makeup collection.

While Jeffree Star — founder of Jeffree Star Cosmetics — went all-natural on for his "Star Ranch" palette, his latest releases are in line with Spooky Season. That includes his 9-pan "Weirdo" palette, which was inspired by his MySpace days. It's mostly matte color-story of grays and burgundies is topped with a lone silver shimmer. Meanwhile, his 18-pan "Pricked" is ready-made for fall with a burnt-orange color scheme and bloody pan decals.