The Worst Halloween Costumes Of 2021 That You Shouldn't Be Caught Dead In

Halloween is a magical time, where people can really show off their creativity for a night. Unfortunately, some people get a bit too creative and miss the mark. There are three realms to the world of costumes. You can go nostalgic, you can go funny, or you can go sexy. There are hits and misses in every category, but when they're bad, people are going to remember them.

Let's just call it like it is — sexy costumes quite often don't work. The more abstract you get with your sexy Halloween costume, the further you get from a successful Halloween costume. As Gizmodo points out, there are some seriously bizarre "sexy" costumes out there. We're talking versions of everything from the Grinch to vaccines with not a whole lot of clothing involved.

Moral of the story, you just can't make every costume a sexy one. Here are some of the worst Halloween costumes of 2021, so you can gauge your look from there.

Sexy Minnie Mouse isn't very magical

There are no words. The product description of this Dangerous Lil' Mouse Costume from Yandy says that this is "the only mouse you'll want to have in the house," but we beg to differ. This is, well, a total miss. There is just no Halloween situation where this is an appropriate choice. Unless, you know, you're planning on taking it off shortly after. 

Basically, the characters that were made for kids sexy are never a great option. As Gizmodo mentions, this Minnie Mouse costume looks borderline like an assassin. Not to mention that it also looks extremely uncomfortable, so steer clear from this one.

Avoid sexy vaccines

Yes, this is a sexy COVID-19 costume with a skin tight neutral-toned dress and a fake vaccine syringe headband. There is nothing else to this. What you're seeing is what you get.

One thing that it's not is witty. This costume screams "I want to be funny but don't know how." It also teeters on the border of being a political costume, which, as Life Hacker puts it, is pretty much always a miss. With the COVID-19 worldwide death toll at almost 5 million people, this costume can also be seen as insensitive (via Worldometer). Thankfully, the Sexy Vaccine Costume from 3 Wishes is still available in sizes small, medium, and large, meaning that there's a good chance that not many people have bought it. 

This sexy prisoner costume should be illegal

Men, you're not off the hook either. Overly-sexy costumes are not great for anyone, and this prisoner onesie is proof. Not only is this Mens Sexy Prisoner Costume from completely uncomfortable to look at and to wear, but it's pretty abstract. Not only have we never seen a prisoner wear a onesie, but there's no reason that he would be carrying handcuffs either. The only thing that is ideally specific to the name is the color orange.

Obviously, being factually correct isn't the point of this costume, but come on. As the Daily Edge says, "really?" The costume just makes no sense and tries way too hard.

Unravel the idea of a sexy Sally

The easiest way to miss the mark on Halloween? Take one of the holiday's most iconic characters and turn it into a sexy one. This What a Doll Sexy Movie Character Costume from Forplay consists of a bodysuit with a corset over it for a cool $79. If you have that much money to spend on a costume, you might as well just do it right. As Gizmodo points out, the only part that even vaguely looks like Sally from "The Nightmare Before Christmas" is the "corpse-like skin" bodysuit. Without the wig, there's a good chance that no one would even be able to tell who you are. Getting character-specific isn't really the point of this outfit, of course. 

Tiger King gone wild

If you thought the real-life Joe Exotic from "Tiger King" had a distinct style, just wait until you see this So Exotic Sexy Celebrity Halloween costume from Forplay. While the Netflix show that stars him did get renewed for a second season, this is not the greatest way to celebrate. Just in case it wasn't obvious by the tiger-printed shirt with tassels, there's also a hat that says "exotic" on it. We're just going to come out and say it, this is just one outfit that did not need to be made sexy. 

There's a good chance that you'll end up as a meme if you hit your Halloween party wearing any of these outfits. To each their own when it comes to the holiday, but these are quite obviously not the best choices.