Everything You Need To Know About Controversial Bachelorette Contestant, Ryan Fox

After months of building anticipation, Michelle Young's season of "The Bachelorette" premiered on Tuesday, October 19, 2021. Though season premieres are often filled with lots of drama, Young's opening night was one for the books. Before Young even had a chance to meet her many suitors, her guides, Kaitlyn Bristowe and Tayshia Adams, discovered some alarming contents in one contestant's room (via Us Weekly). The pair told the school teacher, "So the other day, we went in and we popped in on some of the guys. We found a document that had a lot of things about how to act around you, about how not to be a 'villain.'" Young was shocked as she had already met Ryan Fox, the man in question, and didn't sense anything suspicious.

In fact, Fox had already expressed to the cameras what an "amazing experience" he had meeting Young before she learned of his misstep. Though the pair tried to talk it out, Young ultimately couldn't look past the notes and sent Fox packing (via Showbiz CheatSheet). While we didn't have an opportunity to learn much about the California native on the screen, we were able to discover some details online.

Ryan Fox is a man of many passions

Before Ryan Fox walked onto "The Bachelorette" set, the 30-year-old personality was just your average environmental consultant. Fox's ABC bio describes him as "compassionate, competitive and motivated." He also is a self-proclaimed planner who loves spreadsheets and a woman who checks all of his boxes. According to his Instagram, he also has a love for travel. Fox can be spotted in Europe, Thailand, and all around the 50 states. He also demonstrates a deep love for working out. His feed is full of videos of his workouts, photos of his triathlons, and even behind-the-scenes of his coaching. Fox often works with the Special Olympics and has many Instagram photos from his coaching days. He captioned a shot with some of his players, "I can't wait to get out there for football, basketball, and aquatics. We have some lost time to make up for!"

Fox also has a passion for nature. He can be spotted hanging out with elephants, traveling to the most beautiful beaches, and even running his own environmental company. In an Instagram post, he revealed that he started his company, Fox Onsite Solutions, as a side project but was able to grow it to a full scale business this year. His impressive company helps businesses develop new land in a way that is sustainable and protects the environment. Though we would have loved to have seen more of Fox on "The Bachelorette," there's always a chance we'll see him on an upcoming season of "Bachelor in Paradise."