Inside Gordon Ramsay's Relationship With Daughter Matilda

Gordon Ramsay may be one of the most famous chefs in the world, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't have time to spend with his family. The "MasterChef" star and his wife of over 25 years, Tana, share five beautiful children together: Megan, twins Holly and Jack, Matilda, and of course, their newest bundle of joy, Oscar, who seriously looks like a miniature version of the Michelin-star chef (via Hello! Magazine). One scroll through Ramsay's social media profiles will show you that he's the ultimate family man and loves spending as much time with his kids and his wife as possible; from cheering on his kids with all of their endeavors to creating TikToks and cooking with entire Ramsay brood, it's clear that family is a top priority for the "Kitchen Nightmares" star.

And while Ramsay undoubtedly loves all of his kids equally, he shares an especially close and unique bond with his youngest daughter, Matilda, who is better known by her nickname, Tilly. "MasterChef" fans will know that she often makes guest-starring appearances on both "MasterChef" and "MasterChef Junior," as the 19-year-old "Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch" star has followed her famous father's footsteps in the culinary world, having already published a cookbook in 2017 (via People).

"There's quite a lot of rivalry in our house, especially when it comes to cooking," Ramsay told the Daily Mail in 2014. "Tilly's a very good cook. In fact, she is the number one in the household."

Gordon Ramsay and Tilly Ramsay are TikTok stars

Gordon Ramsay is known for his cutthroat commentary in the kitchen, so when fans get to see a softer side of him, it's truly a delight to see. Enter: his daughter, Tilly, who clearly brings out the more fun-loving, goofier side of the 54-year-old chef, as evidenced by their super-popular TikTok videos, where they can be seen dancing, taking part in challenges, playing pranks, and more.

"Damn Gordon, serving people in the restaurants and on the dance floor," one social media user commented on a video of Tilly and Gordon dancing in their home, while another added, "I never knew I needed to see Gordon Ramsay hop like a bunny across the room until now." The dance video was uploaded a few weeks prior to Tilly competing on the British dancing competition show, "Strictly Come Dancing," which is similar to "Dancing With the Stars."

"Go get em @tillyramsay on #Strictly !!! If this video is any indication you definitely got more moves than your old man xxx," Gordon captioned the video described above, showing his unwavering support for his youngest daughter. Of course, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Gordon's been showing his support for Tilly's "Strictly" performances across all social media platforms, as the "Hell's Kitchen" star has been encouraging his millions of followers to vote for Tilly and her partner, Nikita Kuzman, to stay on the competition show.

Tilly Ramsay often gushes about her dad on social media

It's clear that Tilly and Gordon Ramsay have an unbreakable bond with one another, and while some teenagers don't even want to be seen with their parents, let alone post about them on social media, Tilly has no problem giving her dad some love on Instagram. "Happy Father's Day Dad!! I couldn't ask for a better dad and best friend!!" the 19-year-old psychology student wrote on Instagram in honor of Father's Day. "Thanks for all of your support and love, I don't know where I would be without you!!"

In an interview with Hello! Magazine in October, Tilly opened up about her famous father, revealing how exactly she's taken after him, and her answer is actually quite shocking, given how Gordon is portrayed on television. "My dad is always very positive — he may not always seem it on TV!" she told the magazine. "I'd like to think I've taken his hard work, determination and positivity and I am bringing that to the ballroom."

Tilly's "Strictly Come Dancing" partner, Nikita Kuzman, also opened up about the pair's relationship, telling the outlet all about Gordon's support for their dance competition journey, also admitting that he was nervous to meet him at first. "He's been lovely and so supportive," Kuzman revealed. "He's also supportive on social media, but when we video call, I can see how much he shines [with pride] for Tilly and how much he wants her to succeed."

Gordon Ramsay has been open about his love for his family in the past

In the past, Gordon Ramsay has been open about why he strives to be the best in the business — and it all has to do with his family and the desire to give them a better upbringing and life than he had. "I had a tough relationship with dad because... my little brother was his favorite," Gordon revealed (via The Mirror). "I had a very humble upbringing — loved by my mother and, I think, loved by my father but I was desperate to get out the s***hole I was in. I didn't want to turn out like my dad ... You strive to better yourself."

Tilly isn't the only Ramsay kid that has a special relationship with the "MasterChef" star, though. In October 2020, the "Kitchen Nightmares" star couldn't stop gushing about his oldest son, Jack, who joined the United Kingdom's Royal Marines last year (via People), and after it was revealed that his daughter, Holly, was sexually assaulted while attending university in 2018, he stood by her side throughout her healing process (via Insider).

The Michelin-star chef also added that he plans on spending more time with his youngest son, 2-year-old Oscar, now that he's built an empire and can be more present for his upbringing. "I am convinced I am going to spend more time with Oscar," he told The Mirror, adding, "I am excited to be more hands-on."