Sexy Beasts Season 3 - Details We Know So Far

Netflix's "Sexy Beasts" was the wildest dating show concept we could've ever imagined, and the most addictive to boot. Tasking contestants with wearing intricate prosthetics to hide their true looks, ostensibly to give them the opportunity to fall for each other for deeper reasons than pure physical attraction, "Sexy Beasts" proved to be a wacky, hilarious, and surprisingly emotional addition to the increasingly bizarre dating show pantheon. ("The Love Trap" upped the ante considerably, however, per The Sun.)

Critics didn't quite understand the appeal, with the show averaging just 23% on reviews aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. However, audiences flocked to "Sexy Beasts," particularly while they were stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, and a second season followed almost immediately after the first. Given the popularity of that season, it's reasonable to assume a third installment is on the way. 

Here's everything we know about Season 3 of "Sexy Beasts" thus far, from casting to release date.

When is Sexy Beasts Season 3 expected to drop?

The second season of "Sexy Beasts" finished airing in early October 2021, so there hasn't been any official renewal date announced as of yet. However, given the show's popularity and how quickly new episodes arrived after Season 1, which originally wrapped up on Netflix in late July 2021, it's reasonable to assume we won't have to wait too long for a third go-round with the sexy beasts. According to Release Date News, Netflix originally signed a two-season deal for the show, in order to guarantee it would air. 

Filming for each season generally takes a few months, with post-production an additional factor in how long of a wait there is between seasons. Fans will hopefully know when Season 3 is due by the end of the year, if it doesn't emerge before then. 

As Netflix Life notes, the streamer generally takes at least a month to make a renewal announcement, so we could get a third season of "Sexy Beasts" in summer 2022, followed by a fourth in October 2022. Or even earlier, if we're lucky! 

Who will be looking for love on Season 3 of Sexy Beasts?

The cast for the third season of "Sexy Beasts" hasn't been announced, but hopefully, hilarious comedian and actor Rob Delaney will be brought back to host. As The Cinemaholic notes, Delaney is no stranger to the entertainment world, and his droll delivery makes him the ideal narrator for the show. 

"Sexy Beasts" generally follows a different, unlucky-in-love single person each episode, as they date three potential suitors, all of whom are disguised under heavy prosthetics. Their identities remain shrouded in mystery until the lead chooses the person with whom they feel the deepest connection. 

At first, the singleton indulges in some fun speed dating, after which one suitor is eliminated. Then, the lead goes on proper, individual dates with the two remaining potential partners before they make their final decision, and the "sexy beast" in question is revealed. Considering the success of the show, there are likely tons of potential singles looking to find love on "Sexy Beasts." 

What's the success rate like on Sexy Beasts?

The premise of "Sexy Beasts" is pretty wild, but that doesn't mean contestants can't find love on the show. By preventing singles from choosing potential love matches based entirely on looks, the show creates an impressively old-school atmosphere of genuine affection. But does anybody actually stay together once the prosthetics are ripped off? 

According to Esquire, the success rate for Season 2 isn't great. Musician Mick and his choice, actress and skincare entrepreneur Angella Katherine, don't appear to be dating, though they do follow each other on Instagram. Elsewhere, Atlanta-based Ibukun, who was the mummy on the show, hasn't posted anything about his match, Jada, since the season finished airing.

The distance appears to have been too difficult for New Yorker Sullie and English rose Jess, while Paige the Gorgon and her chosen suitor, personal trainer Cornel, haven't managed to make things work either despite both residing in the U.K. Likewise Robbie the Rabbit and Chess the Snake also appear to have gone their separate ways, judging by social media. The only potential love match from Season 2, in fact, are Brits Devon and Sam, who regularly comment on each other's Instagram posts, suggesting there's hope for the future. With any luck, the singles taking part in Season 3 will have a lot more success than this bunch.