Brat Loves Judy Season 2 - Details We Know So Far

Rapper Da Brat has given television viewers a front-row seat to her love life on the WE tv reality show "Brat Loves Judy." The eight-episode show, which premiered in August 2021, followed Brat's relationship with her girlfriend, Jesseca "Judy" Dupart, who is CEO of Kaleidoscope Hair Products. 

Cameras followed the couple as they navigated building a new home, went to therapy, and handled family drama. "These two powerful and successful women are sharing their brand-new relationship with audiences for the first time ever, bravely inviting viewers to experience all their emotional 'firsts' alongside them," said Lauren Gellert, EVP of Development and Original Programming for WE tv, in a statement.

And Brat was relieved to finally be able to open up about her sexuality. "I have been getting talked about for years, and I'm just like you know what, I'm happy. I want to be happy, and I want to hold her hand in public," she explained on camera (per Distractify). "I want to kiss her in public. And she just made me feel like it was OK and oh my god, it was." She added: "It was the best thing that I've ever done. It feels like a weight is lifted, I just feel free."

Before the season was over, viewers got to witness Judy's surprise proposal to Brat — leaving fans clamoring for Season 2. Will it include some wedding planning fun? Here's what we know so far.

When will Season 2 of 'Brat Loves Judy' premiere?

Unfortunately, there is no word yet from WE tv on a second season of "Brat Loves Judy." Hopefully, the network will give it the green light because there will surely be plenty to film. Hip-hop legend Da Brat and Judy Dupart are planning to wed on Feb. 22, 2022, with Brat debuting a back tattoo of the wedding date on her Instagram

During Season 1, Dupart pulled off a surprise proposal that left her girlfriend speechless. According to "The Rickey Smiley Morning Show," Dupart popped the question during Brat's "Coming To America"-themed birthday party, gifting her with a Bentley and performances by Keke Wyatt and Lil Mo before proposing. But Brat didn't answer right away because she was in shock. 

"I was told that I was going to a photo shoot for [Judy's] Kaleidoscope Hair Products ... And I get there and it's this huge thing," the rapper told Lakes Media. "And I just almost passed out at least 15 times. Like everybody was there that I loved that I hadn't seen in years. I couldn't understand how she was able to keep this secret for so long."

Luckily, she did eventually give her love an answer. "She said YES ... once she realized what was going on," Dupart wrote on Instagram

Who will appear on Season 2 of 'Brat Loves Judy'?

While details on a possible Season 2 of Da Brat and Judy Dupart's reality show, "Brat Loves Judy," are scarce, viewers will probably get to see the family and friends who made appearances during the show's first season, including Dupart's daughter, Deja, and her infant daughter, Kenzie; Bella, Brat's manager and friend; and Brat's friend Montana and his wife, Rhonda. Of course, we can't forget Brat and Dupart's six dogs, Staxx, Rockie, Fat Boy, Loyal, Fendi, and Rebel (per WE tv). 

Brat's sister, LisaRaye McCoy, might also make another appearance. During Season 1, viewers got to take a closer look at the rapper's complicated relationship with her half-sister. McCoy had talked about feeling hurt about not being a part of Brat's new life with Dupart. 

"I just wish that I was included in that," she said (per CheatSheet). "I wish that I knew what that was ... wish I could have a say in that myself ... wish that I knew what was going on, but I don't. So then I sit and I wait."

What will the next season include?

There are no details on the next season of "Brat Loves Judy," but rapper Da Brat wants to continue to show viewers her softer side with now-fiancée Judy Dupart. "This show is going to show the most cream-puffish side of me that the world has ever seen, because I never show that," she told Lakes Media. "I've always felt like I should keep that side for only people that I already know and that love me already. So, they're gonna really get a serious inside look of my vulnerability, and my love for [Judy]."

The couple is also hoping to show the world that you can have professional success and still maintain a healthy, loving relationship. "We want people to take away that in success and love you can be great as long as you communicate and trust each other and let go of all insecurities, be vulnerable if you have to, and live in your truth," Brat said in an interview with The Knockturnal.