The Best Nude Eyeshadows From ColourPop

If you haven't been exposed to the world of ColourPop yet, allow us to rock your world. The brand offers affordable makeup products that actually work. We're talking $10 palettes that rival even the best brands out there. Oh, and in case you're still not sure, they have the same manufacturer as Kylie Cosmetics. Basically, it's worth your money.

While the brand offers everything from blush and bronzers to concealers and foundation, the real winners are their eyeshadow palettes. Whether you're shopping the singles or opting for palettes, you really can't go wrong formula wise. However, if you're looking to stock up on neutrals, there are some incredible options for you. Think nude for all skin tones. 

Tons of other brands create nude eyeshadows, of course, but what really makes ColourPop stand out is how versatile they are for a wide variety of "nude" skin tones. It's not just their single shadow colors, either. The brand is masterful at pairing together nude palettes of all sizes that are pretty darn inclusive. It's worth mentioning that the brand did have some controversy over shade names in the past (via Cosmetics Business).

Although it seems that ColourPop has learned from their past and used that knowledge to create some incredible nude palettes (via Southern Living). Here are some of the best, so you can get to buying.

The small but mighty So Au Naturel Palette

If you're looking for a tiny little pocket-sized palette filled with neutrals, the Au So Naturel Palette is the one for you. The four-shade palette is filled with warm toned nudes that look great on a variety of different skin tones. Honestly, this is about as versatile as a nude tone palette gets considering that there's only four shades.

The shades Laid Back, Just Be, Whatevs, and Livin' range from a matte tan to a deep cinnamon shade, and can both stand alone or make the best combo together. Whether you're throwing a shade on to run errands or building and blending to get more depth for a night look, you really can't go wrong. The best part about this is that it's only $9. Yes, you read that right.

This isn't the only little neutral foursome, either. The brand also offers three other nude-based blends so you can get the perfect bundle of shades for you. The other palettes — Bare It All, Down To Earth, and She's A Natural — have the same nude shades but with different undertones, so you can pick the best palette for your skin if Au So Naturel Palette isn't quite the one for you. 

Amp up your options with the Going Coconuts Palette

If four shades is not enough for you, amp up your options with the Going Coconuts Palette. This is a tried-and-true palette that is filled with nine nude toned shades ranging from a pale white to a deep nutty brown. It's the perfect palette to have as a base for day looks or night. There's four shimmers that are subtle but add a little depth to any look as well as five matte shades for everyday.

The colors alone are enough to make just about anyone click "add to basket." You won't be blown away at the price once you get it there, either. This palette is a cool $14, which breaks down to less than $2 per shade. You really can't beat it when it comes to the color option or the price.

As if that's not enough, the reviews on this palette will seal the deal. With over 700 reviews of this product, a whopping 500 of them are five-stars. According to customers, this palette is a winner. It's got "beautiful neutrals that makes me feel glamorous without being overly made up," one customers says.

Go all out with the Bare Necessities Palette

For the most committed makeup lovers out there, it's best to not mess around and just go all out. If you're looking to get all the nude tones that you could possibly need, you should skip right to the Bare Necessities Palette. It's got 30 shades of neutral tones in there, and unlike the other two shades, has plenty in-between as well. You still get your beige and deep brown tones, but you also get the in-between mauves as well. 

Whoever said you can't have it all didn't realize that ColourPop was a thing. This palette of 30 shades is only $34. That's not the sale price, either. This palette is that affordable all year round. 

No matter what you're looking for in your neutral eyeshadows, ColourPop likely has a palette for you. Between the price, shades, and the blendability, you really can't go wrong with this brand.