Are Shekeb And Emily From I Love A Mama's Boy Still Together?

All of the couples featured on TLC's "I Love A Mama's Boy" have their own level of motherly interference to contend with, but Shekeb and Emily might just take the cake. As Meaww notes, although the young couple seem crazy about each other, Shekeb's mother, Laila, openly disapproves of their relationship and frequently attempts to come between them either by voicing her concerns or even by bringing alternative dates to lure Shekeb away. Thus far, nothing has worked, but Laila and Emily continue to fight hard for Shekeb's attention. 

The two women spent much of the first season at each other's throats, leading Emily to dump Shekeb. However, by the time Season 2 rolled around, they were back together and Shekeb even schemed to give his lady a promise ring in an attempt to solidify their commitment. Unfortunately, Shekeb also involved his mother, Laila, in the surprise, which rubbed Emily the wrong way. Likewise, Emily wasn't impressed with the ring itself, even tossing it away in a moment of frustration. As far as Laila was concerned, it was the last straw. But, is it really over?

Have Shekeb and Emily managed to make it work?

During Season 2 of "I Love A Mama's Boy," Shekeb and Emily finally seemed to be on the right track as they began discussing a future together. However, it soon became clear they had very different ideas of being married and living together, with Emily making it known she anticipated essentially being a kept woman, per The Cinemaholic. The reality star plans on being a stay-at-home mom, like her own mother, though she only wants to be a "dog mom" for the foreseeable future. "It's like if we're together, I'm your mother now," she said. Emily also wanted a pricey engagement ring, regardless of what Shekeb could afford. However, despite these differences in opinion, it appears the two are still together.

They mostly post about "I Love A Mama's Boy" on social media, rather than about their own relationship, particularly while the show is airing. It's likely both Shekeb and Emily want to retain an element of mystery to keep fans interested in their story. But until there's an official split confirmation, we can assume they're working things out. Fans are split on who should leave whom, however, with many criticizing Emily for being selfish while others believe Shekeb is too concerned with his mother's opinion to fully commit to his girlfriend. Although the "I Love A Mama's Boy" stars frequently wade into the discourse, their approach seems to be more about keeping the conversation going than anything else.