Carmeon Hamilton Shares Her Everyday Jewelry

Stackable jewelry is super hot right now, but it can be a little tricky to navigate. Not sure the how to's and what to wear's of this trend? You don't have to look any further than what HGTV "Design Star: Next Gen" winner Carmeon Hamilton wears daily. What jewelry she wears is a FAQ, so she recently broke down her everyday jewelry collection, giving fans and fashionistas a peek into the best ways to mimic her style.

Not everything Hamilton wears is meant to make a fashion statement, though. When breaking down what rings she wears every day, she starts with her engagement ring, wedding ring, and two diamond bands that were gifts. "One that was a gift from Marcus and one that was my mother's," she explained in her blog post. Some of her daily bangles, too, were old gifts, helping to round out a collection of jewelry that's perfect for wherever the day goes.

Stacking is key to mimic Carmeon Hamilton's style

The stacking trend is (hopefully) here to stay and Carmeon Hamilton really embraces this trend. There are a few different ways of wearing stackable jewelry and the way she curates her jewelry collection makes following this trend simple. "Every single piece in my collection can be mixed and matched with each other, can be added to or paired down, can be dressy or casual, all depending on the look I'm going for," she explained in her blog post.

So if you want to copy Hamilton's style, start making sure your pieces are mix-and-matchable. For rings, Pandora's stacking rings are her go-to's (along with her other rings mentioned above). When she's layering up necklaces, Hamilton turns to a mix of personalized and necklaces "customized with my initials or year of date that I like to mix with simple chains." When you're looking for stackable jewelry inspo, follow Hamilton's lead and stick with simple and meaningful. You can't go wrong.