I Love A Mama's Boy: Did Mike's Mom Really Sabotage His Engagement?

With their latest series "I Love a Mama's Boy," TLC continues its domination of the brilliantly bizarre dating-show pantheon. Hot on the heels of the likes of "90 Day Fiancé," the show follows relatively normal-seeming couples who have one massive obstacle in their way: the guy's overbearing mother. 

Each of the featured couples has its own level of meddling to deal with, and Stephanie and Mike are no different. As Meaww notes, it was genuinely love at first sight for these two, and they even moved in together immediately. 

However, his mom, Liz, keeps throwing a spanner in the works. From calling him multiple times every day to letting herself into their apartment without asking and constantly bringing him home-cooked meals, Liz's level of devotion is impressive. Mike returns her feelings, too, but the fledgling model frequently finds himself stuck between the two women in his life as a result. 

So, what happened when Mike wanted to propose to Stephanie?

Mike's mom didn't think he was ready for marriage

As Insider notes, during "I Love a Mama's Boy" Season 2, Mike's sweet but borderline uncomfortable relationship with his devoted mother, Liz, came to a breaking point when he expressed his desire to propose to long-term girlfriend Stephanie. 

Liz strongly put him off, arguing that he shouldn't rush into getting married and should focus on work instead. However, she also hinted that Stephanie might not be the right person for him. 

"Stephanie and I have always been able to rise above our troubles because there's real genuine love there," he said. "And my mom, despite giving us a little headache at times, she always has my best interest in mind." 

Although Mike fought back, arguing that he shouldn't be taking advice from someone who's been divorced twice regardless, he ultimately caved to his mother's demands, including providing Liz with a key to their apartment without giving Stephanie the heads up. She subsequently came home to find Liz cleaning and her birthday flowers missing. According to Liz, she threw them out because they were dead. 

Stephanie continued to make an effort with her prospective mother-in-law, though, even inviting her on a ski trip with her and Mike. She expressed a desire to get closer to Liz over time. "I hope [my relationship with Stephanie] continues to grow so that I can love her the same way that I love Michael, like a daughter," Liz told Insider.