Why Fans Are Angry With Matt On I Love A Mama's Boy

TLC's "I Love A Mama's Boy" has a pretty self-explanatory premise: Some poor young woman has fallen for a man who's more interested in pleasing his mother than her. The show follows them as they try to figure things out. Much like "90 Day Fiancé," where the most doomed romances only make us want to watch more, the fan-favorite couples on "I Love A Mama's Boy" are those that the viewers insist do not belong together. Chief among them is Matt and Kim, who had actually been dating since 2017 and were fully committed. They even lived together, which is in stark contrast to other hapless duos on the show such as Shekeb and Emily (via The Cinemaholic). 

However, after losing their former home, Matt and Kim relocated to his parent's basement which, naturally, created all manner of issues. Over the course of the show, Kim and Matt's mother, Kelly, have consistently come to blows and he frustratingly nearly always sides with mom. Aside from intruding on their home life, Kelly also went lingerie shopping with her son for Kim, leading Matt's partner to demand at least some boundaries. 

The happy couple, somewhat surprisingly, ended the first season of "I Love A Mama's Boy" engaged and looking forward to their future. But, when Season 2 rolled around, something happened that threatened to tear them apart for good.

Matt was criticized for not supporting his fiancee

Fans of the reality show were disgusted when Matt branded his fiancé Kim as "selfish" after she got an exciting career opportunity in Texas. Per Meaww, Kim assumed he'd be supportive since she had put up with Matt's mother's endless meddling. Sadly, Matt was completely opposed to the idea, reasoning that his mother wouldn't be happy about it. He even suggested Kim wasn't making their relationship enough of a priority by considering the move. Kim was shocked by his response, and she wasn't the only one. Social media was filled with criticism. 

One fan wrote on Twitter, "Did Matt just call Kim selfish?! WTF?! How about being supportive?! Girl RUN!" while another fan argued, "Matt calling Kim selfish was rich when he's the most selfish guy there is by always forcing his ways, and Kelly's ways, on her! She has always supported his career. He should be supportive of her career!" Several commenters also noted Kim's "third wheel" status in their relationship since her needs always seem to come after his mother's. One fan railed on Twitter, "Selfish is not being supportive of Kim and her career. Selfish is making your fiancé live on your parents' land and letting your mom control everything because it makes YOU happy." 

Happily, Kim ultimately took the job and Meaww noted in a follow-up that fans were delighted to learn she'd finally considered getting rid of Matt. According to The Cinemaholic, they have indeed gone their separate ways.