The Real Reason Shar Jackson Thanked Britney Spears For Stealing Kevin Federline

Let us take you on a little trip down memory lane. Back to a time when overplucking your eyebrows was a good thing. And bopping along to boy band beats was the usual on your work or school commute. Yes, the early 2000's had its own brand of cool. And sitting on that throne of coolness was the legendary Britney Spears.

In 2004, the public watched the iconic Spears find her prince. Not once, but twice! In January of 2004, the "Toxic" singer married her childhood friend Jason Alexander in ripped jeans and a trucker hat. The marriage was annulled just two days later. But it was clear that Spears got a taste for walking down the aisle and liked it. In September of that same year, the "Crossroads" star attempted marriage yet again. This time, with her backup dancer, Kevin Federline (per Biography).

When Spears pulled a "J-Lo" and married her backup dancer, we weren't too surprised.

Britney put Shar's name back out there

The twist of the fairytale marriage came when Kevin Federline's ex, Shar Jackson, revealed that she was pregnant with her and Federline's baby while Britney Spears and Federline began to date and progress the relationship at warp speed (via Facts Page). An even larger plot twist is that Jackson actually thanked Spears for stealing her man. "In a sick, twisted way the Britney thing has put my name back out there. I'm now working with my group trying to finish our album," she explained. Adding right after she had her and Federline's baby she said, "My agent, manager and everybody is waiting for me to get back out there. My doctors say I should chill out for six weeks — but I have an audition next week" (via Female First).

Getting dumped while pregnant couldn't have been easy. But Jackson turned her heartbreak into a money-making opportunity. Sadly, Federline and Spears weren't meant to be, and finalized their divorce in the summer of 2007 (per US Weekly). We're sorry the couple couldn't make it work. But way to go Jackson for making a profit!