If You're A Scorpio, This Is The Perfect Coffee Order For You

If you've ever wondered whether a Scorpio approaches their coffee order with a no frills mindset or whether they indulge in their cup of joe, you've come to the right place — and the answer is both! Scorpios are naturally powerful and passionate, but they're also often misunderstood (via Allure). They're smart and intuitive because they embody the water element; after all, water unites the entire world and connects people perhaps more than any other element.

Because they're intuitive and passionate, their coffee preferences may change depending on their mood. They can be thought of as method actors, i.e. willing to drink any beverage they've deemed necessary for the day. These traits can make people think they are manipulative, but that's simply one of the things everyone gets wrong about Scorpios. At the same time, these traits do inform a Scorpio's best fashion color palette and even what workout routine Scorpios should do for the best, optimized results.

Naturally, their complex traits affect both the larger and smaller aspects of life, among them their coffee choices. Still, one coffee order may reign supreme for a Scorpio.

Scorpios need their coffee order to match their own complexity

Scorpios are a lot like Geminis in that they naturally inhabit many dualities. A Scorpio's ideal coffee order unabashedly reflects this. Their passions can at times make them indecisive, so a Scorpio should rest easy knowing that they can rely on a dirty chai latte (via FabFitFun). Dirty chai is a chai latte combined with espresso for a drink that's both warm and sweet from the chai and caffeinated and deeper from the espresso. It's the best of the tea and coffee worlds, and creamy to boot, which Scorpios love.

However, if Scorpios aren't feeling something creamy at the moment, they may simply opt for a shot of espresso, per EatingWell. This no-frills drink is as complex as Scorpios are and can be misunderstood as being too bitter, just like a Scorpio, too. Whether they get the espresso in a chai latte or by itself, Scorpios want to be highly caffeinated, and they typically succeed. Delish even notes that espresso shots are most often Scorpios' go-to orders (or at least should be) at Starbucks, too!

Drinking straight espresso can take a lot of gusto, especially in the United States where watered down americanos and creamy lattes are more common. Still, Scorpios prove once more that they can do anything they set their minds to because of their naturally high levels of passion and intensity.

Happy drinking!