Your Best Fashion Color Palette If You're A Scorpio

Your closet's color palette might be a haphazard mix of neon brights, beachy whites, and everything in between, or you might curate your wardrobe with a thoughtful mix of your favorite shades. Either way, the colors you wear can imbue you with different energies, so it's important to choose wisely. As The Good Trade puts it, "the color of our clothing serves as a signal to others; it tells them who we are," and different hues can strongly "impact our mood." While you can always go color by color and feel out your emotions toward them, letting the zodiac guide you is surprisingly effective.

Scorpios are known for their intense loyalty and venomous sting, but they have another special trick up their sleeve: their impeccable taste. If you're a Scorpio, you are a natural tastemaker, a natural leader who lets your passion guide you — even if you sometimes prefer to keep to yourself. The scorpion's sense of style comes from their "clairvoyant and intuitive" streak, and their desire to connect to the world around them (via Allure). Where other people see a red shirt, a Scorpio sees a downright-magical crimson cover for ultimate power and drama.

For this sign, everything is important, and nothing goes unnoticed. This attention to detail makes sure Scorpios' "style and taste is unmatched," and will always "keep people guessing" (via Now Let's Get Going). As you might expect, the best colors for the scorpion sign are all about deepness, mysticism, and of course, pure emotion.

Of course, the witchiest of blacks

Obviously, Scorpio's color palette had to include black: They basically invented the darkest hue. Reminiscent of moonlight and the deepest parts of the ocean, black represents Scorpio's shadows, their mystic side, and their power. As Now Let's Get Going alludes, the scorpion sign should get inspired by Fleetwood Mac's "Rhiannon," everytime they get dressed: "She is like a cat in the dark / And then she is to darkness." Yeah, it's that simple.

If you're a Scorpio, you might be thinking that black doesn't represent you that much, and that you're in fact much brighter and lighter than your zodiac sign gives you credit. While this sign might get a bad rep in the astrological realm, Scorpios are resourceful and brave, doing anything and everything to help the people they love (via While other signs may feel okay with small talk or superficiality, that's not for Scorpios: They're real, authentic, and raw at all costs, even if that means being disliked by some. And being water signs (not fire!), there's a fluidity in them that makes them acutely sensitive to the world around them. If black represents this sign, it's all about Scorpio's magical, profound, emotional soul that they keep safe deep-inside. And that's pretty amazing!

Pay homage to your sign's best color by investing in a black leather jacket to wear over all your outfits. Moonlight combat boots will fit your personality, as will a wear-forever black handbag or an onyx necklace.

Pomegranate and wine-red for drama

While we've established that Scorpios are indeed seriously emotional creatures, with a need to become closer to those they love and deeply empathize with others, they still love the drama. Scorpion signs are sensitive, get hurt easily, and are distrusting, so their defense mechanism is manipulation, and sometimes to bite others before they get bitten themselves. Almost like the Count of Monte Cristo, Scorpios will connive for years, planning and plotting to get ahead, and take back what's theirs. Don't cross a Scorpio: as Allure puts it, "like their celestial spirit animal, the scorpion, Scorpios lie in wait and strike when least expected." So what's a better outfit for a "checkmate" than a blood-red, head-to-toe look that will leave them in the dust?

Scorpios actions aren't "necessarily nefarious," but they're always thinking: truly peering into your soul. In that same vein, there's an underlying passion to this sign that makes them amazing lovers, constantly craving "physical closeness, spiritual illumination, and emotional intimacy" (via Allure). So it's no wonder deep red, pomegranate, burgundy, and cabernet are all shades that fit perfectly with the scorpion: It's all about desire, fervor, and intensity here.

So how to wear the color of "anger, love, passion, and power" (via The Good Trade)? Next time you need an extra push of confidence and fiery energy, go for a perfect pair of wine-red sky-high stilettos, an all-leather crimson outfit, a mysterious garnet wool hat, a ruby ring, or a swipe of your favorite black-cherry lipstick.

Burnt orange for a dose of positivity

Now, let's tap into Scorpio's brighter, more positive side with the perfect shade of burnt orange. Still slightly elusive, profound, and of course reminiscent of blood-orange (we had to!), this is the more-joyful cousin to the scarlet hues you're known for. As per Now Let's Get Going, a dark orange will match your "intense opinions and moods," far away from pastel shades that just "don't align" with you. The scorpion needs something thunderous and striking, a shade that will draw attention to their inner-self like the brightest of traffic cones. You'll signal to your soul with this hue — and what can be more Scorpio than that?

Apart from drawing attention to their inner-being, something Scorpios love, there's another element to orange's appeal: It's reminiscent of Scorpios' love for juicy gossip. Like fresh-squeezed fruit, Scorpios drink up other's secrets, but make no mistake: They'll never reveal them. As per, Scorpios "will hold on to other people's" darkest truths, "even when they aren't very fond of them." —they will keep the cold, hard facts to themselves.

Scorpios can try donning this shade with an open-knit, dark-ginger sweater or loungewear set, perfect for keeping tabs on friend's ex's (someone's gotta do it), or devoting time to reading super-exposing biographies. If not, a fiery-rust dress is a perfect date night outfit for you, toeing the line between mystifying and bright.

Violet will connect you to your inner self

You know when the sky is almost pitch-black, but almost looks deep-purple? As you can expect, that's a total Scorpio hue, evoking this sign's "profound chasm of infinite complexity," as well as their ability to cast a lightning bolt of attention on themselves every time they enter a room (via Co – Star). But plum clothing isn't just about Scorpios' unique flair — this hue is all about power, and scorpions know a lot about that.

It's no secret violet has royal energy, with The Good Trade likening it to wealth and age-old monarchs. As per the outlet, "purple has a long history with royalty and wealth because it was costly to procure," made from "a rare seashell only found in what is now-Lebanon." So if there was ever a shade for inquisitive, dominating Scorpios, this would be it. As explained by Allure, this sign is ruled by Pluto, governing "destruction and transformation." This is why Scorpios are "fueled by a relentless desire for control," needing to preside over everything. This sign likes to feel imperial over every decision, almost like a mystic being that sees through it all. While this ego-streak can be tricky to deal with, it can also come out through ambition and a commitment to helping others — a nice queen, if you will.

Wear the most regal color in the form of a fringed, burnt velvet kimono in grape-purple, or go for a slinky mulberry dress to wear out on the town.

Just avoid bubblegum pink at all costs

Okay, so we have all of Scorpio's best colors on the most mystical of tables: moonlight black, downright-seductive scarlet, spicy ginger, and of course, regal violet. But how about the shades this sign should avoid like the plague? Those hues are another ballgame entirely, and just don't fit with this sign's deep, perceptive power. The biggest culprits? Bouncy bubblegum pink and white.

As per Now Let's Get Going, these two shades just don't match with Scorpios' psychic, intuitive, witchy inner-self. You need unique, profound hues that lead you to your main goal: forming mystic, spiritual connections with other people, even if it's to just know more about them. Even if you love "Legally Blonde," you're not the rosy Elle Woods type — you find common ground in eccentric, poetry-loving, bohemian celebs like Stevie Nicks and Harry Styles, or even the conniving gentleman-thief Lupin. Give a Scorpio all the entrancing dark kimonos, wool hats, large sunglasses, and the most sumptuous of fabrics like suede and velvet — but hold the candy pink and clear-as-day white.

Lollipop pink and white aren't for Scorpios; They might even find the shades nauseating. This sign finds flaws interesting, searching for raw truths no matter where they go. They have no time for pleasantries, and prefer to talk about the meaning of life. Edgy to a fault, it's no wonder the world's sweetest hues are way too peppy for Scorpios: They need a good dose of shadows to feel at home.